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Drive-By Muthings: September 11, 2012

* “The increase in the number of nonpartisan voters signing up (in Nevada) has surpassed the number of Republicans every single month since February,” writes Steve Sebelius in his column today. “And nonpartisans aren’t even an organized political party!”

Then again, neither are the Republicans!

* Another One Bites the Dust. Morning Score reports that “Saeed al-Shihri, a Saudi national and al-Qaeda’s #2 in Yemen, was killed in a missile strike by a U.S. drone yesterday.”

Rest in pieces, Saeed!

But here’s the disturbing thing: Saeed was reportedly caught once before and jailed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for six years. How did he get out? And who released him – the Bush administration or the Obama administration?

* Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt has offered $1 million for dirt on Mitt Romney’s finances, including “unreleased tax returns, and/or details of his offshore accounts and business partnerships.” In a full-page ad offering the bounty, Flynt asks, “What is he hiding?”

Holy cow, the smut peddler sounds just like Harry Reid!

* Why does anyone pay any attention to national polls on the presidential race, even if it’s a poll of “likely” voters? We don’t elect a president via a national vote – though a lot of Democrats since 2000 would like to change that.

The only thing that really matters is the electoral vote, where about a dozen “swing” states will decide who the next president is.

Don’t be distracted by these national polls. They’re all but meaningless…except to the media who love to write about them.

* Democrats, who historically have been viewed as weak on the military since – well, since many of them HAVE been historically weak on the military – intend to try to cover their historical weakness by repeatedly claiming Mitt Romney is weak on the military because he didn’t mention the military or the war in Afghanistan in his acceptance speech at the GOP convention.

Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt. Next?

* From the Baltimore Sun: “Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st Congressional District, withdrew from the race Monday amid allegations that she voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida in 2006 and 2008.”

I wonder how many times she voted for Al Gore in 2000?

* I have no love for Democrat CD-1 candidate Steven Horsford, but this line of attack from the NRCC and the campaign of Republican challenger Danny Tarkanian that he’s “corrupt” because, among other things, he once parked in a handicapped spot, is really stretching the definition of “corrupt.”

Real corruption is what authorities pinched Trenton, NJ’s mayor for doing this week; taking $100,000 worth of bribes in the form of cash and casino chips for a fake parking garage project. Horsford’s transgressions are bad enough without having to embellish them into something they’re not.

* Following up on my Baltimore Orioles re-engagement thanks to the fact that it’s September and they’re only 1 game behind the Yankees, here’s why that is so stunning:

The O’s have finished dead last in each of the last four years and have suffered through 14 consecutive losing seasons since 1997. So, yeah, those of us who grew up with Frank & Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Boog Powell and Earl Weaver are pretty darned excited about where the team is right now.

Though truthfully, we’re still waiting for the collapse. But it’s been a heckuva run so far!


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