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Drive-By Muthings: September 10, 2012

* From the Mouths of Babes: So I turn on the Pittsburgh Steelers/Denver Broncos game Sunday night and asked my 5-year/364-day-old son which team he was rooting for. CJ’s priceless response: “The Steelers. The other team’s name sounds too much like Barack.”

That’s my boy!

* Sticking with sports for a minute, it’s been 15 years since my Baltimore Orioles were in a playoff hunt. Long-suffering fans (thanks to the team’s stinking ambulance-chasing owner) have been waiting for what we figured was the inevitable choke-and-cave all season, especially since the All Star break. But the O’s split their 4-game weekend series with the hated New York Yankees yesterday and remain just 1 game out of first place.

Do you b’lieve, hon?!!

* Vice President Joe Biden appears to be whispering sweet nothings into a biker chick’s ear while getting a lap dance (h/t Morning Score). Click here

* Wait a minute. I thought Democrats loved teachers? Then why did teachers have to go on strike in Chicago – a huge Democrat city run by a Democrat mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who was Democrat President Barack Obama’s left-hand man for a time in the White House?

* I am so sick of blacks accusing whites of racism when about half the white population voted for black Barack Obama in 2008 while more than 90 percent of blacks voted against white John McCain. So who are the real racists?

* Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis told Nevada Democrats who are frustrated at losing their job that being unemployed is “no reason to sit back at home and pout. It’s not about pouting.” Solis also told the unemployed that “this is not the time to sit back and have a coffee break. No coffee breaks.”

Ah, the party of compassion.

* The more I learn about Democrat congressional candidate Steven Horford, the more I’m convinced he should be the new poster boy for the phrase “empty suit.” (And if you think use of the word “boy” in the term “poster boy” is racist, then you’re a racist…AND an idiot.)

Indeed, I just learned of a resolution Horsford introduced as a state senator: “SCR: Encourages school districts to develop programs to promote fresh fruits and vegetables in schools.”

As opposed, I guess, to promoting, you know, reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. What a cipher.

* Despite the Las Vegas Review-Journal endorsing both Republican Rep. Joe Heck in Nevada’s CD-3 race and Republican Chris Edwards in the CD-1 race, at press time the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) only put out, to my knowledge, an email blast highlighting the endorsement of Heck. Nothing on Edwards, even on their Twitter feed.

Apparently, the NRCC recognizes a hopeless cause when it sees one.

* Speaking of Edwards, he said in a recorded interview last week that 96 percent of the people in his district don’t want him to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

96 percent? Even Saddam Hussein didn’t get numbers like that! Gotta wonder which anal orifice Edwards pulled that 96 percent figure from, ‘cause it sure didn’t come from any reliable poll.

* And one other Edwards item: An Edwards supporter proudly pointed out to me in an email that Edwards won his GOP primary. But the only reason Edwards won his GOP primary is because…well, somebody had to.

* Hey, did you know that if you replace your own hot water heater in Clark County you’re supposed to pay a $54 tax/fee to have a government “inspector” come to your home to give you the government’s approval? Neither did Democrat Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager. Upon learning of the fee, Brager told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “That’s too much government for me.”

Nice to see even some Democrats have such a threshold. Now if only we could expand it…

* Click here to read an interesting interview with Tony Marnell, “a key figure in the development of XpressWest, the high-speed rail system planned between Las Vegas and Southern California.” The project is slowly chugging along towards reality.

* BTW, if southern Californians are going to leave their cars in Victorville and take the high-speed train to Las Vegas, they’re still going to need to get around Las Vegas somehow. That means taxis. But the only way to make it worth the money is if the cost of taking a cab around town isn’t a small king’s ransom…which it is right now, even if you don’t get “long-hauled.”

Has anyone thought about this?

* Here’s a rather clever, back-handed script for a robo-call from a group calling itself the “Conservative Republican Coalition” that went out last week to the new rural state senate district that now stretches along the eastern border from Pahrump to Elko which GOP Assemblyman Pete “Tax My Meat” Goicoechea is vying for:

“Pete Goicoechea has a plan to solve Nevada’s budget problem. Pete Goicoechea wants to put a tax on food. Everyone has to eat, and nobody can avoid paying the tax. Rich people buy more expensive foods so they will pay more tax, while poor people eat a lesser quality food so they will pay less. So this is fair for everyone. Pete Goicoechea wants to make sure everyone pays their fair share. Pete Goicoechea is a Republican running in a strong Republican District and can make the tough decisions because he knows that Republicans would prefer him over an independent.”


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