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Drive-By Muthings: October 8, 2012

* About Mitt Romney’s rush to the center: It was not only predictable; it was inevitable. Conservatives accept this reality, but with a caveat.

When George W. Bush was elected president, conservatives bit their tongues and held their fire for darned near five years as #43 pursued one bad policy idea after another (NCLB, TSA, prescription drugs, etc.). Romney will enjoy no such honeymoon. The minute he is elected, the right will begin to hold his feet to the fire and snap his suspenders if he wanders too far off the reservation.

* Many conservatives in Nevada are up in arms over NV Energy’s “smart meters,” a concern I share. So I asked NV Energy to send me information on some of the more frequently asked questions about the program. Click here to read the Myths vs. Facts information they sent me. Hope this helps clear some things up for you.

* The more I look into Sen. Michael Roberson’s $20 million proposal to hire 200 new teachers for students who can’t speak English fluently, the more red flags pop up. For example…

A Las Vegas Review-Journal story last week reported that the Clark County school district already “has more than 2,000 teachers trained or certified in teaching English as a second language,” and gets some $6 million in federal funds to pay for “the salaries of nearly a dozen specialists who train regular classroom teachers to work with limited English speakers.”

Call me paranoid, but something tells me we’re not being told the whole story on Sen. Roberson’s proposal.


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