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Drive-By Muthings: October 7, 2009

“Lap dancers would be cited for lewd conduct for improperly touching customers under a new code proposed by Las Vegas police,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported today. Hmm. No one forces these gals to work there, and no one forces customers to go there. So if police have enough money to crackdown on such consensual behavior by free adult citizens, then the police have way too much money in their budget, not too mention way too much time on their hands. Aren’t there real crimes they could be investigating?

* John Fund reported in Political Diary yesterday that former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth may mull a GOP primary run against Arizona Sen. John McCain next year. Hayworth has a pretty good gig going these days as a drive-time conservative talk show host in Phoenix, but he hasn’t forgotten a McCain-inspired Department of Justice investigation trying to tie J.D. to Jack Abramoff. Haworth was cleared, but still has a rather sizable legal bill to settle. But once that’s out of way, maybe, just maybe….

* According to Wednesday’s Rasmussen Reports, 83 percent of Americans “want final legislation posted online for everybody to read before Congress votes.” The question which naturally arises is: What the heck are the other 17 percent thinking and why are they allowed to vote in elections?

* A long simmering feud among some Hispanic Republicans in Las Vegas may boil over in next year’s GOP primary as local restaurateuress Irma Aguirre mulls taking on Tibi Ellis, who has already announced her candidacy for

* Nevada’s interim GOP boss Nancy Ernaut said in an interview yesterday that Sen. John Ensign “does a good job” and “serves the state of Nevada well.” As far as the growing criticism of Ensign’s actions relating to his affair with a staffer, Ernaut said “There is a bit of a witch hunt on here.” Problem for Republicans is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a witch hunt when there’s really a witch to be hunted.

* Campaign Tip: Dear Leader yesterday conducted a photo op at the White House in his never-ending efforts to shove ObamaCare down the nation’s throat. It included 150 doctors dressed in sparkling white lab coats – despite the fact that 2/3 of doctors oppose Obama’s plan. Lessen to Republican Candidates: Do not let Democrats get away with pretending that firefighters, cops and school teachers support on the Democrat candidate. Create your own small groups of firefighters, cops and teachers who support you and include the support of firefighters, cops and teachers in your campaigns.


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