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Drive-By Muthings: October 1, 2012

* The 2,000th American soldier was killed in Afghanistan this weekend. Yet the Mitt Romney campaign wants to get back to talking about the economy instead of foreign policy?

* President Barack Obama’s plan is remove our troops from Afghanistan in 2014. When we leave, we won’t have won…and there won’t be any peace. Yet the Romney campaign wants to get back to talking about the economy instead of foreign policy?

* At a campaign rally in Las Vegas yesterday, the president said, “As I travel around (Nevada) I don’t see a lot of victims.” With the nation’s highest unemployment, bankruptcy and foreclosure rates, maybe he should try traveling around the state with his eyes, you know, open.

* Obama also said he’s “just OK” at debating, hoping to tamp down expectations for his debate Wednesday with Romney. Oh, puh-lease. Talking is the ONLY thing he’s good at. So good, that he can talk out of both sides of him mouth with a straight face.

* Obama is reportedly staying at the Westin at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson through Wednesday. I have a previously-scheduled meeting at the Westin tomorrow. I can only imagine the security troubles I’m gonna have.

I wonder if he needs another debate partner?

* A week after the non-union replacement refs arguably cost Green Bay a game broadcast nationally on Monday Night Football last week, the back-to-work regular union refs arguably almost cost the Eagles last night’s Sunday Night Football game and arguably did cost the Giants the game.

* Meanwhile, Bryce Harper’s Washington Nationals are already in the playoffs, and my Baltimore Orioles cinched at least a wild-card spot yesterday. They are tied with the despised New York Yankees for the division title with three games to go. The Beltway Series possibility lives!

* Justin Bieber tossed his cookies twice onstage at a concert in Phoenix this weekend. Tweeted that drinking milk was a bad choice. Maybe that’s why so many rock stars prefer liquor.

* Republican state Sen. Michael Roberson announced over the weekend that he intends to seek $20 million a year in the next legislative session to fund the hiring of 200 new teachers and 200 new instruction aids to teach Hispanic children, many certainly in the country illegally, how to speak English. (Hat tip: RalstonFlash)


* Jon Ralston’s Face to Face political television show is officially dead. From the ashes tonight will rise a new brand, Ralston Reports. Same show – “commentary and news you won’t find anywhere else” – but new name.


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