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Drive-by Muthings – November 5th

• One of the big new sayings this year is “too big to fail.” But perhaps considering Obama’s lack of real world experience for the job of POTUS, the operative phrase now should be “too small to succeed.”

• On Tuesday, voters in Virginia and New Jersey went to the polls to cast their votes. Twenty-two candidates in Virginia and twenty-two candidates in New Jersey who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge won in their respective offices. Hello, Nevada Republican candidates. Are you paying attention?

• New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg barely won re-election Monday despite spending a whopping $100 million on his campaign. Political Diary’s John Fund reports that “One New Yorker told me that Bloomberg TV ads were so omnipresent he felt like he was constantly hearing from Big Brother.” In other words, Harry Reid could possibly raise so much money to run so many ads in Nevada next year that he actually could overdo it and advertise himself right out of a job. Another positive development for Nevada Republicans.

• But the most important development out of Tuesday’s GOP victories was the lower turnout of young voters and black voters who carried Barack Obama to victory last year, as well as the fact that independents swung back toward the Republicans. If such results manifest themselves next year in Nevada, Harry Reid and Dina Titus have LOT to be worried about despite that big voter registration advantage the D’s currently enjoy. It’s turnout, turnout, turnout.

• On Monday, Republican Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio had this to say about a possible special session of the Legislature to deal with continuing revenue shortfalls: “Nobody is going to want to come out and talk about raising taxes.” Of course, this is the same Bill Raggio who famously said in his 2008 primary race: “This is not the time to start talking about raising taxes. It is something that we can’t even consider.” That was just a couple months before Sen. Raggio began laying the groundwork for over a billion dollars worth of higher taxes earlier this year. So, um, grab your wallets!

• Rob Lauer, Republican congressional candidate in the 3rd district, is touting online survey results from the conservative Nevada Policy Research Institute website as proof that he is in a “dead heat” with incumbent Democrat Rep. Dina Titus. A Lauer press release says the poll shows he’s “within striking distance of Titus with 30% of the vote; while she carries only 33%” and that this means “Lauer’s message is resonating with voters.” Oh, puh-lease. It’s an unscientific online survey of NPRI readers, not voters in the Third Congressional District. Lauer’s campaign should be embarrassed for putting out this flapdoodle.

• Yes, indeed, birds of a feather do flock together. Robert “Hollow Head” Holloway and Nathan “Li’l Nate” Taylor are now joined at the e-hip, a dufus duo rivaled only by Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels in “Dumb and Dumber.” Holloway wrote a whiny screed yesterday maintaining that neither he nor his son were trying to become GOP convention delegates in ’08, and Li’l Nate actually published it on his blog that no one reads. An moron-marriage made in heaven.


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