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Drive-By Muthings: May 2, 2011

Isn’t it funny how so many on the Left are having a cow over Gov. Brian Sandoval making a firm campaign promise and then keeping it? I mean, isn’t that what we WANT politicians to do?

As we hit the home stretch of Nevada’s 2011 Legislature, here’s what we know: Gov. Sandoval came into the session with a plan. Democrat leaders in the Assembly and Senate came into the session opposed to Sandoval’s plan, but had no plan of their own. Senate Republicans embraced Sandoval’s plan. Assembly GOP leaders….

Um, who cares? They’re clueless and irrelevant.

Since Gov. Sandoval proposed a balanced budget of $5.8 million in January, shouldn’t we just stick with that budget and either rebate any surplus that might accrue thanks to an improving economy, or at least replenish the Rainy Day Fund, instead of spending it?

TV mogul Jim Rogers says Brian Sandoval and his budget killed UNR President Milt Glick. His apprentice, University Chancellor Dan Klaich said as much. And UNR journalism teacher Jake Highton also says Sandoval killed Glick.

At least we don’t have to wait all summer like we did in 1980 to find out who shot J.R.

Was there a dumber nanny-state bill this session than Sen. Mike Schneider’s bill to force auto repair shops to check the tire pressure of your car under threat of government fine or imprisonment? If so, please advise.

If, as gay marriage opponents argue, a gay judge shouldn’t be allowed to rule in favor of gay marriage, doesn’t that mean a straight judge shouldn’t be allowed to rule against gay marriage?

Republicans dodged a bullet with Secretary of State Ross Miller declaring a “Ballot Royale” for the CD2 special election instead of the ol’ “Smoke-Filled Backroom Deal.” The GOP would have suffered a major PR black eye for dissing “the people,” and Sharron Angle would have become a political martyr if, as was likely, the party regulars had chosen someone else.

Las Vegan Daniel Braisted has an excellent out-of-the-box idea. To help fund the upcoming special election for CD2, why not sell non-political advertising in the printed sample ballots? And considering the nature of politics, it seems to me wholly appropriate that we allow brothel ads!

How many times does Harry Reid have to declare Yucca Mountain dead before the project is, you know, actually dead?

How valuable is a college degree if there are no entrepreneurs and business owners out there running companies that are profitable enough to hire college graduates?

If the argument for forcing motorcyclists to wear helmets is that accidents involving riders without helmets cost taxpayers more than accidents involving riders wearing helmets, then shouldn’t they make the same argument to simply ban motorcycles altogether and force everyone to travel by car?

While under-age girls need not get parental permission to trot down to the local Planned Parenthood facility for a certain surgical procedure without parental consent, a bill was introduced this session to require a permission slip from mommy before that same girl can go to a tanning salon. Are these people nuts? Don’t answer that!

The notion that incompetent Assembly Republican Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea wants to move up next year and run for term-limited state Sen. Dean Rhoads’ seat gives a whole new meaning to the “Peter Principle.”

The class-size problem is a simple math problem. If, say, the state is spending $5,000 per pupil to teach pupils in a 35-student classroom and you want to reduce that class size to, say, 25 pupils, you simply offer ten parents of those 35 students a $5,000 voucher if they’ll remove their child from the public school and send him elsewhere.

Problem solved. Next?

And finally, enough with the PC-speak, OK? I don’t think a single red-blooded American was celebrating the news that Osama bin Laden had been “brought to justice.” They were celebrating that the SOB was dead.

May he burn in Hades, and may his 72 virgins all look and sound like Roseanne!


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