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Drive-By Muthings: August 8, 2012

* This is hysterical. The Huffington Post reports that our good friend Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) offended “every member of the Congressional Black Caucus” by “by delivering Chick-fil-A chicken and biscuits to their weekly meeting – and then walking out – when it was his turn to provide the group with a formal lunch.” West is the only Republican member of the CBC.

* Psst. I heard Bill Clinton was paid $1 million to speak at Sen. Harry Reid’s Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas on Tuesday. And it’s gotta be true because *somebody* – I won’t say who – told me. Pass it on….

* Harry Reid hates inexpensive coal-fueled energy. Says it’s a “relic” and too dirty. On the other hand, he’s done everything humanly, and maybe even inhumanly, possible to thwart the expansion of affordable, clean nuclear energy. Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it, too.

* Just a reminder of this quote by Sen. Harry Reid in January 2011 on Meet the Press: “The Tea Party will disappear when the economy gets better and the economy’s getting better all the time.”

* Following tea party champ Richard Mourdock’s surprising GOP primary win in Indiana a few weeks ago, and tea party fav Ted Cruz’s stunning victory in the Texas GOP primary last week – we bring you Tuesday’s results:

* Tea party champion Rep. Todd Akin won a tough 3-way GOP primary challenge for the right to face Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill in November. During the primary, McCaskill criticized Akin as being a “crusader against bigger government.” High praise, indeed!

* In a GOP primary race in Michigan on Tuesday, former Rep. Pete Hoekstra – a co-founder of the House Tea Party Caucus – came out on top and will take on Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow in November.

* Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports: “Unlike other states, where results for conservatives have been mixed, Tuesday’s primary in Kansas saw voters in GOP races oust seven incumbent moderate senators. An eighth, Senate President Steve Morris, a moderate Hugoton Republican, trailed his conservative opponent, likely marking the end of Morris’ 20-year career as a legislator.”

* A similar day of reckoning is long overdue in Nevada. I just hope I’m still alive to see it!

* The United States is in an undeclared war with terrorists in the Middle East in which unmanned drones are reportedly killing our enemies with far fewer collateral casualties of non-combatants as old-fashioned missiles and bombs. Somehow I’m not losing sleep over that.

* As expected, the Nevada teachers union re-filed its petition to mug Nevada’s reeling private sector job creators with a new business income “margins” tax that would take an estimated $800 million out of the private sector and dump it into the black hole known as “public education.” Speaking of which…\

* I just read a column today noting that Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps got a little lazy after the 2008 Olympics and lost some of his edge…until competitor Ryan Lochte showed up on the scene and forced Phelps to once again step up his game. If only our public schools were subject to similar competition.

* Assemblyman Harvey Munford (D-Las Vegas) wants Nevada taxpayers to fund health insurance for former professional boxers. Um, isn’t that something the boxers themselves should pay for…you know, like you and I do? Or at the very least, shouldn’t they be covered under ObamaCare? I mean, why rob Nevada taxpayers for this?

* The Clark County Commission on Tuesday “approved changes to the policy regulating ownership of exotic animals” in an effort to keep the public “safe.” Hmm. I wonder if pit bulls are considered “exotic” animals? My understanding is that there have been far more vicious pit bull attacks in Clark County than lion and tiger attacks.

* In other action, the Clark County Commission also passed an absurd new anti-littering ordinance that forces hand-billers who hand out porn flyers on the Strip to pick up the flyers dropped by tourists “every 15 minutes in the area within 25 feet of where they’re standing on the sidewalk.” Can you imagine something this silly being necessary back in the day when Bugsy Siegel ran Las Vegas?

* By the way, tourists who toss the porn flyers on the ground outside of the 25-foot radius from where they had the flyer shoved into their hands could be cited for littering themselves, thanks to the new ordinance. Yeah, that’ll do wonders for tourism.


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