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Doubting John Ensign

Does anyone doubt that the Sen. John Ensign scandal – especially after the explosive new and sordid details emerged this week in the New York Times about ethical, if not illegal, actions on the part of John Ensign after the affair with his best friend’s wife was discovered – is now in Eveready Bunny mode and is just going to keep going and going and going?

Does anyone doubt that this scandal will never go away as long as Ensign continues to refuse to answer legitimate questions about his questionable behavior (the payoff, improper lobbying, etc.) which has nothing to do with the affair itself – which most people consider a personal matter?

Does anyone doubt that this Ensign scandal is going to hurt Nevada Republican candidates up and down the ballot next year, especially those running for the U.S. Senate against Harry Reid?

Does anyone doubt that Rep. Dean Heller would vote, from a conservative standpoint, at least as well as, if not even better than, Sen. John Ensign?

Does anyone doubt that if Ensign were to resign and Heller were to take his place that both the state of Nevada, as well as the Nevada Republican Party, would be much better off?

Does anyone doubt that Ensign will, as usual, only think about himself and cling to his Senate seat rather than do the right thing for his state and his party by resigning?

Does anyone doubt that Nevada Republican leaders and GOP elected officials will continue to defend this guy anyway and refuse to call on him to step aside for the good of the state and the party?

Is anyone else asking….why?


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