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Don’t Read Their Lips

“(Republican Senate Minority Leader Bill) Raggio didn’t merely consider raising taxes,” wrote Glenn Cook of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Sunday, “he worked tirelessly to deliver the Republican votes needed to provide a constitutionally mandated two-thirds super-majority.”

This after Sen. Raggio said on the campaign trail during his tough GOP primary race last summer, “Well, I’m not going to raise taxes, I can guarantee you that.”

The full Glenn Cook column is a must-read for voters of every stripe. You won’t believe the number of candidates who Glenn quotes from last year’s campaign who, like Sen. Raggio, said they wouldn’t raise taxes and then voted for the billion dollar tax hike last week.

And after you read the litany of state legislators who “said” they weren’t going to vote to raise taxes and then turned right around and voted to raise taxes, you’ll understand why I’m so insistent on getting candidates to SIGN the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.


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