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Don’t Look Now, but Trump’s Starting to Win Hearts & Minds

I didn’t like wine the first time I tried it.  Of course, I was a teenager and it was Boone’s Farm so that certainly had something to do with it.  But now I can’t imagine enjoying a good steak without a nice glass of red wine to accompany it.  It was an “acquired taste.”

I also didn’t care much for Donald Trump when he first became a national figure in the 1990s and was known as “The Donald.”  Part of it had to do with the over-inflated ego and arrogance many people in the heartland find off-putting about many New Yorkers.

I didn’t watch The Apprentice when it first came on the boob tube.  But here’s what happened…

We homeschool our kids.  And part of their education has been teaching them about entrepreneurship, business and marketing.  So we watch shows like Shark Tank and The Profit.  And a couple years ago we finally tuned into Celebrity Apprentice because our hometown hero, Penn Jillette, was a contestant.

And initially I still had a hard time warming up to Trump.  But as the weeks went by I began to realize the bravado was all just part of the entertainment factor.  It was his schtick.  And once you got past that you realized this guy actually knows what the hell he’s doing.

He grew on me. The oversized self-confidence is fully justified.  He takes calculated risks and wins more than he loses.  A defeat isn’t a failure but a lesson on how to do better the next time.  He’s an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

So by the time Trump announced his run for president, I was a Trumpster.  Before that first GOP presidential debate I wrote that anyone who sold him short and didn’t think he could pull it off was seriously misjudging the man.  He is a marketing and self-promotion genius.

Just like Mohammed Ali.

I attended a marketing conference in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago and learned how Ali became known as “The Greatest.”  Because he started calling himself that.  And eventually it stuck – in large part because he backed up the hype with performance.  Many fans absolutely hated him at first, but he grew on them.

As we come to the end of President Trump’s first year in office, the same thing is happening.  Trump’s “unique selling proposition” (“USP” in the marketing world) was that he’d make America great again.  And now the hype is being backed up by performance.  And some people who absolutely hated the guy when he first jumped into the race are starting to come around.

For example, this week President Trump threatened to cut off aid to countries in the United Nations that oppose his decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  He said, “Let them vote against us.  We’ll save a lot.  We don’t care.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a feature on its editorial page called “All A-Twitter.”  And it featured a pair of tweets in response…

“There are moments, like this one, that I actually appreciate having Donald Trump as president,” wrote Emily Zanotti.  “They’re few.  But they exist.”

“Every day I like him more,” added Opinador Libertario.

Donald Trump is decidedly an acquired taste.  And every day more and more Americans are beginning to appreciate him, his agenda, his vision and the self-assured strength of his leadership.

Forget the polls.  Whatever the numbers are today could very well flip to a popular vote landslide by the time the 2020 election rolls around – especially as more and more people start to see more money in their pockets thanks to his historic tax cut package.

Democrats, #NeverTrump Republicans and the fake news media have been trying to knee-cap this guy since Day One.  And every time they think they have him beat, he “trumps” them.  They’ve misjudged and under-estimated him at every turn

And a growing number of American voters are beginning to accept the reality that their lives and those of their families are personally going to be better if Republicans in Congress, especially the Senate, get with the program and just let Trump be Trump.

Like it or not, his Make America Great Again agenda is winning over hearts and minds every day.  Heck, he might even win Minnesota in 2020!

Merry Christmas, everybody.


“Let’s be very, very clear: I do not support Trump.” – Nevada U.S. Sen. Dean Heller in an interview during the 2016 presidential campaign



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