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Does Anyone have a Spare Straight-Jacket Lying Around?

Look, I get it.

I understand that some people so abhor the notion of another term for Clark County GOP Chairman Cindy Lake that they’ll support almost anyone who would run against her…maybe even an ax murderer.

And I understand that some folks who committed early to Dave McKeon are now having difficulty accepting the reality that they were duped into backing a nag who’s running around the track with lead weights strapped to his back.

I also understand that some McKeon supporters are simply in denial, refusing to believe the information which has been exposed in public documents. Or think the Superior Court of California believed the wrong party in the divorce and got it wrong.

I understand all that. I also understand the anger…though I think it would be more appropriately directed at McKeon for hiding his past and putting everybody in this tough position than at me for exposing it. But whatever.

But then there’s Cathie Lynn Profant.

This woman has come completely unhinged from reality and is certifiably delusional.

Again, I understand that some people are furious with me for pulling the curtain back and exposing McKeon before the July 17 election. But with regard to the statement I published on Tuesday from Monica McKeon – in which she defended herself against Dave’s claim that she lied about the domestic violence she suffered – here’s what Profant wrote yesterday:

“As for Chuck, he wrote that letter not David’s ex-wife.”

Wow! And they say it’s the Ron Paul people who wear tinfoil on their heads?

Cathie Lynn, you might want to seek some professional help and get back on your meds. Oh, and stay away from sharp objects.

Time before that mental midget Mark “SureWould” weighs in on Profant’s side?

T-minus five…four…three…two…


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