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Do Your Believe in Miracles?

From John Fund in Friday’s Political Diary:

“Nate Silver, a political statistician who runs a Web site that analyzes polling, earned something akin to guru status in progressive circles for his confident forecasts throughout last year’s campaign of an Obama victory. But the guru came bearing less welcome news to the Netroots Nation crowd. Mr. Silver said there’s now an 80% chance that Democratic losses in the House will range from 20 to 50 seats. At 40 seats, Democrats would lose control. In the Senate, he says, Democrats at best might pick up one seat but could potentially lose six.”

The GOP has NO CHANCE of winning enough seats to regain the majority unless it can defeat the likes of vulnerable freshman Democrat Rep. Dina Titus in Las Vegas. Fortunately, if Republican community banker John Guedry gets into the race, that just might be doable.


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