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Dirty Half-Dozen Gang Rides Again!

As tweeted last night by the Las Vegas Sun’s Anjeanette Damon, “Republican” Sen. “Moderate Mike” Roberson and five of his GOP colleagues will trot out a staggering $600 million mining tax hike today!

What’s even more sickening than Republicans leading the charge for this outrageous $600 million tax hike is how, as Jon Ralston calls them, the “Dirty Half-Dozen Gang” (GOP Sens. Roberson, Ben Kieckhefer, Mark Hutchison, Joe Hardy, Scott Hammond and Greg Brower) are using the liberal tactic of exploiting children as human shields to give themselves political cover.

According to Ralston Reports this morning, the Dirty Half-Dozen Gang are going to call their massive tax hike the “Education Priority Initiative” and will earmark the money for class size reduction and expanded English Language Learner programs – all of which will result in more dues-paying/Republican-hating teachers union members!

Dumb asses.

These so-called “Republicans” are making Benedict Arnold look like Audie Murphy (ask your granddad). And Roberson himself is starting to look an awful lot like Gen. Custer at Little Big Horn.


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