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DeSantis Roasts Dems at Laxalt’s Basque Fry

(Chuck Muth) – Well, today’s the last day of my daddy-daughter road trip adventure with Jenna.  I guess it’s only appropriate to wind it up on Father’s Day, though this has really been Father’s Week for me.

I’m blessed.

Yesterday we attended Adam Laxalt’s annual Basque Fry at the Corley Ranch in Gardnerville with absolutely perfect northern Nevada weather.  I MUCH prefer holding this event in June over August.

The event attracts a who’s who of conservative northern Nevadans, politicians, and grassroots activists all at one place at one time.  So great to catch up with so many old friends from when we lived in Carson City and make some new ones, too.

I especially enjoyed catching up with Nicôl Herris and the Republican Women of Reno at their booth. Here’s your shout-out, ladies!  Keep kicking butt and taking names.

I was curious to see how the turnout was for the event compared to previous events since the VIP keynote speaker was Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who’s also running for president.

Would Trump supporters boycott?  Would there be protests?

Not to worry.  I thought we were gonna get there early but still ran into a 2-mile-long traffic jam waiting to get into the parking lot.  And not a single roadside protestor to be found.

The crowd estimate I heard was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500+ … and included a solid mix of both Trump and DeSantis supporters, many sporting “Trump/DeSantis ‘24” hats and shirts.

And every person I spoke with said they’ll support the GOP nominee in next year’s general election, whoever it is. Exactly as it should be.

Our enemy – and I don’t use that term lightly – is Joe Biden, not each other.  Keep your eyes on the prize, folks.  We MUST get back the White House next year.

While Adam and I haven’t exactly been on good terms over the past couple of years, I gotta give the man credit.  This was an especially challenging event to hold in this current political environment, but he pulled it off.

Well done.  And congrats to all the volunteers who made the day an exceptional experience and a million thanks to the Corley Ranch for once again being such a great host.

The highlight for me was Jenna getting a chance to meet Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis and snapping a Polaroid with her…

DeSantis’ speech was rock solid, serving up conservative red meat to the conservative red meat crowd. They loved every minute of it.

Following the Basque Fry, we moseyed up to the Genoa Bar – Nevada’s oldest tavern – for the unofficial “after-party.”  The weather was perfect. The guitar player on the outside patio was a riot.  And the camaraderie just couldn’t be beat.

What a day. Thanks, Adam.

OK, Jenna and I are gonna saddle up after breakfast and head back to the barn, with a stop-off at the Bodie Ghost Town in California before cutting back to Vegas through Death Valley.  Hate to see it all end.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to working my normal “half days” – which for me is 12 hours, not four.

And I promise I’ll start piecing together what happened in the final days of the legislative session and share what I learn on some of the hot issues many are so up in arms about – including the A’s stadium, the tranny bill, and the fate of Opportunity Scholarships.

Until next time…Happy Father’s Day!


“I’ll serve you anything but Bud Light!” – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis from behind the bar at “The Bunker” in Reno

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