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Depends on Your Definition of “Packed House”

Do you remember the Crocodile Dundee movie?

In one memorable scene, Mick and his gal pal, Sue, are confronted by a would-be mugger who pulls out a little switchblade and demands Dundee’s wallet.

Sue tells Mick to give it to him.  “He’s got a knife.”

At which point Dundee laughs, says “That’s not a knife,” pulls out a GIANT knife of his own and deadpans, “THAT’S a knife.”

Bad guy flees in terror.

That scene came to mind when I saw a tweet this morning from Ike Hajinazarian, Nevada communications flak for Democrat president candidate “Sleepy” Joe Biden

“Absolutely PACKED house in Henderson to see @dinatitus, Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger, and @JoeBiden. They weren’t kidding when they said Nevada is @JoeBiden country, huh?”

He included this photo…

Um, that’s not a “PACKED house.”


OK, Ike.  You may flee in terror now.  Cheers, mate!


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