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Democrats Reject Election Reform Hearing: What are They Afraid of?

(Chuck Muth) – Democrat leaders on Wednesday held a dog-and-pony show/press conference in Carson City to, essentially, tell the people of Nevada to stick it where the sun don’t shine when it comes to protecting the state’s elections.

“During the press conference,” Breitbart News reports, “the Nevada Globe’s Megan Barth asked the Democrats about the future of Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo’s proposed (election reform) legislation, designed to increase the security of elections.”

Democrat Assembly Speaker Steve Yeager responded by saying there are “no plans for a hearing on that bill.”

“This isn’t a problem that exists in the state of Nevada,” Yeager declared, adding his contention that “our elections are safe and secure.”

Really?  What about the man who was caught and prosecuted for voting his dead wife’s ballot in the 2020 election?

Yeager would likely respond by saying the man’s prosecution shows the system works. But that would be Grade-A cow manure.

The ONLY reason the man was caught was because the Nevada Republican Party foolishly trotted him out for TV cameras in its ham-handed, Clouseau-like effort to prove voting fraud.

So naturally, his claim was investigated – though he clearly thought there was no way he’d be caught when he did it.  And that’s the point.

When ballots are automatically mailed to people who don’t request them, there can be a strong temptation to vote illegally because folks know that (a) no one is really looking for voting fraud, and (b) even if they were, it’s darned near impossible to catch, let alone prove.

Which is exactly how Democrats want it.  Which is also why the Yeagermeister is refusing to even hold a hearing on the governor’s bill.

He and his accomplices in the Legislature know if the bill gets a hearing, all their non-sensical objections would be swatted away in full view of the public – which already is firmly in the governor’s corner.

Indeed, recent polling shows the majority of Nevada voters support the governor’s common-sense reforms that keep it easy to vote but harder to cheat.  A quick recap…

  • “Repeal the law that was passed in 2021 that requires the state of Nevada to automatically mail a ballot to all registered voters in the state of Nevada, regardless of whether they want a ballot or not, without changing early voting or Election Day opportunities.” – Support 75%
  • “Requiring a photo ID when voting in-person and requiring voter verification when voting by mail in Nevada elections.” – Support 77%

Considering public sentiment on this issue – and its importance – the public deserves to have the governor’s proposal debated in the Legislature, as well as an up-or-down vote.

“I think if you look at the polling data, reference to election integrity, [it’s] holding positive across party lines,” Lombardo said. “And it would be malpractice not to even consider a conversation about it.”


If the Democrats want to vote against the reforms, fine.  At that point, it will become an election issue and the voters will have the final say in November ’24.

Now before leaving this issue (for now), Democrat Attorney General A.Ron Ford also weighed in at the dog-and-pony show.

“This attorney general will not abide by an unconstitutional act like voter ID here in this state,” Ford blustered. “I stand by Speaker Yeager and that entire Legislative Building in not giving that bill a hearing.”

As the Better Nevada PAC noted afterwards, Ford “went so far as to claim – without any evidence – that voter ID laws are ‘unconstitutional,’ even though 36 states have some form of voter ID laws on the books.”

Indeed, Ford failed to back up his claim that voter ID was “unconstitutional” – because he can’t.  Instead, he’s relying on the legal precedent established by the late great barrister, Humpty Dumpty…

“When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean.”

Mr. Ford – a hard-left, race-baiting, social justice warrior – is quite accomplished at scurrying down rabbit holes.  Unfortunately for him, we’re not in Wonderland.  So if he wants to claim the law is unconstitutional, he’s gonna have to back it up.

Closing out, here are some additional polling numbers on Gov. Lombardo’s other bills…

  • “Requiring that all school students be able to read by the third grade, and holding them back and not promoting them if they cannot so they can receive the extra attention they need to be able to read and progress.” – Support 84%
  • “Do you support repealing the law that ties the hands of teachers by not allowing school districts to remove violent students from the classroom?”- Support 71%
  • “Generally speaking, would you say you favor or oppose the concept of school choice?” – Support 70%
  • “Expanding opportunity scholarships to allow families making less than $150,000 a year to access funds to move their child to any school of their choice including private schools.” – Support 68%

On these issues, Joe Lombardo is proving to be the people’s champion, while Democrats are proving themselves to be the enemy of the people.  Remember in November ’24.

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  3. Picking the wrong issues
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  5. Picking the wrong consultants
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  7. Picking door-knocking over fundraising


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