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Democrats Claim Voters Want Higher Taxes

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Sue Lowden announced on Thursday night that she was preparing to do automated phone calls, mailers and rallies in the districts of four freshmen Democrat Assembly members asking voters to contact their legislators and urge them not to raise taxes.

This apparently put the “fear of Sue” in Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, who, according to Reno Gazette-Journal reporter/blogger Anjeanette Damon, “distributed talking points to the lawmakers in question.” Apparently some folks are getting pretty nervous.

“I get emails and phone calls,” said freshman Democrat Assemblyman Paul Aizley. “And the comments I’m hearing are from people willing to have their taxes increased.”

“I get emails,” chimed in freshman Democrat Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel. “I’m hearing people say ‘I’m willing to pay a little more.’”

So the Democrats’ talking point is that they’re getting emails and phone calls from voters saying they want their taxes raised? That’s their story and they’re sticking to it? With a straight face? Man, I hope so.

Of course the question remains, if Democrats want to raise taxes and they believe the people want them to raise taxes, then where is their tax hike proposal, hmm? Something tells me these people are just blowing smoke. Actually, something tells me these folks are just making it up.

In any event, if you want to let Aizley and Speigel know what you think about their plans to raise your taxes, here’s the contact information…

Assemblyman Paul Aizley
Phone: (775) 684-8821

Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel
Phone: (775) 684-8839


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