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Deficit Hawks who Talk Like Doves

The Dullard Mush blog has weighed in on the “seemingly, universally panned performance” of Nevada Republican congressional candidate and State Sen. Barbara Cegavske’s performance last week on Jon Ralston’s Face to Face program – bringing rare unanimity from the left, the right and the center.

“Considering Cegavske’s been a Carson City fixture for over 15 years,” The Anon Guy writes, “her zero-content responses” to direct questions were particularly “egregious,” especially when it came to questions about Nevada’s budget:

“It is getting increasingly tiresome to hear deficit-hawks suddenly lose their zeal for fiscal responsibility when asked the obvious question “What would you cut?” (with the added implication of “and please, for the love of god, give me a specific item that actually cuts something besides a few damn pennies!!!”) But, like virtually all conservatives before her, she mumbles something about looking at a variety of unnamed solutions before being pressed into a laughably small (and, therefore, politically safe) target.”

What he said. For suggestions for real cuts and real money-saving government reforms, check out the Freedom Budget proposed by the Nevada Policy Research Institute. Conservatives in Nevada won’t find a better place to start.


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