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De Facto Leader of Doodley-Squat

Nevada Democrats sent out an email fundraising appeal this week which tried to tie the Luv Guv albatross around the Nevada GOP’s neck, claiming that Jim Gibbons “is the de facto leader of Nevada’s Republican Party.” And that BS set me off like an enraged ferret in a phone booth.

Jim Gibbons hasn’t done squat for the Nevada Republican Party. He hasn’t raised a dime for it. Hasn’t contributed any significant money to it. Hasn’t helped recruit any candidates. Hasn’t helped elect any candidates. Hasn’t helped build the state or county party organizations. Hasn’t even bothered to try to coordinate messaging between his office and the party during the legislative session.

Heck, I’ve done more to help the party in the last two years than the governor, and I’m not even a Republican.

Gibbons has been, for all intents and purposes, completely and totally AWOL from the party since getting elected over two years ago.

Hmmm. I guess that means he HAS done something to help the party after all.

But for Democrats to suggest he’s “the de facto leader” of the band is pure political flapdoodle.


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