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Dave for Nevada drags me into CCRP chair fight

Dave McKeon – a.k.a., “Dave for Nevada” – decided to bring me into his challenge to Clark County GOP Chairman Cindy Lake on Friday, and thus invited this response…

In an email titled “Lead, follow, or get out of the way,” “Dave for Nevada” wrote in the third person about himself: “Dave Leads, Cindy Follows.”

“Dave for Nevada” then went on to brag about registering 100 Republicans in 27 days which, if my math is correct, now puts Republicans 151,688 behind the Democrats in Clark County instead of 151,788.

At that rate, “Dave for Nevada” should be able to single-handedly wipe out the Democrats’ advantage – providing they completely stop voter registration themselves – in just over 1,516 months!

But, look…I’m happy “Dave for Nevada” is out there registering Republicans. However, that’s one of the things a good GOP activist is supposed to do. So this is kinda like a dentist patting himself on the back for brushing his teeth twice a day!

“Dave for Nevada” then went on to criticize Chairman Lake for not personally registering as many Republicans as he did over the last 27 days (which, by the way, I suspect was a funded project, not strictly volunteer).

“Chairwoman Cindy Lake appears to have only registered 1 Republican, Chuck Muth, and that was during the Lincoln/Reagan Dinner in February. Dave is happy to see her follow his example.”

What a load of sheep dip.

First, technically speaking Chairman Lake didn’t actually re-register me; it was Jeri Taylor-Swade. But Lake’s chairmanship was a big reason for my returning to the fold, so for argument’s sake, let’s give her credit.

As such, my re-registration occurred well BEFORE “Dave for Nevada” went on his wild, 27-day GOP registration spree. So in reality, it’s “Dave for Nevada” who is following Chairman Lake’s example, not the other way around!

But more importantly, anyone running for chairman who thinks “voter registration” is the most important thing a chairman should do these days is woefully misguided – and that should cause any GOP Central Committee member to seriously question if “Dave for Nevada” is really ready for prime time as the Big Kahuna.

Frankly, voter registration should be WAY DOWN on the list of priorities…and I’ll prove it.

There was an election just last month for a Las Vegas city council seat. The three-way race pitted an incumbent Democrat union boss vs. an extremely credible and viable Republican businesswoman (vs. some yahoo).

The Republican businesswoman only need about 3,000 votes to win.

There were over 18,000 registered Republicans in the district.

The Republican businesswoman lost!


Because there weren’t enough Republicans registered to vote?


Because her campaign manager didn’t get the Republicans who were already registered to the polls!

In addition, Harry Reid didn’t “steal” his election against Sharron Angle two years ago. He beat her by doing the hard, grassroots work to get-out-the-vote on Election Day. They went to people’s homes and workplaces and dragged them to the polls.

Our folks did some robo-calls and “Liked” each other on Facebook.

Like I said, the GOP’s problem isn’t voter registration as much as voter turnout. Voter registration is just a simplistic, standard throw-away line used by Republicans who have no idea or no plan to do what really needs to be done to win elections.

If “Dave for Nevada” has a case to be made that Chairman Lake should be ousted and replaced in July with “Dave for Nevada,” “Dave for Nevada” is going to have to do better than boast of doing what he’s already supposed to be doing and complaining that Lake succeeded in getting me to rejoin the GOP.


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