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Dave for Himself: Epic Fail

Clark County GOP Pooh-Bah “Dave for Himself” McKeon sold Central Committee members a bill of goods that would make any snake-oil salesman proud.  Alas, not only have the dineros failed to flow into the party’s coffers under his “leadership,” neither have Republican voter registrations.

Here’s something you might not know. When an organization such as the Clark County Republican Party wishes to conduct a voter registration drive, it has to purchase the voter registration applications from the Elections Department, and each form is numbered and tracked as it is returned.

So how has Chairman Dave for Himself done this year?

According to a well-informed source…

“On January 3 of this year the Clark County Republican Party purchased 1,000 Voter Registration Affidavits from the Clark County Registrar. As of September 14 at total of 64 of them had been turned in; 3 went to registering Democrats, 4 IAPs, 1 Libertarian, 3 NPs and 53 Republicans.”

That’s it? 53 Republicans over a period of eight-and-a-half months?  Heckuva a job, Davey.


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