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Culling RINOs from the GOP Herd

The politics of fear. For years Republicans have been scared to death of Big Labor, Big Gaming and Big RINOs. As such, they voted badly, often casting their lot with Democrats in hopes of avoiding being targeted for defeat in future elections. Well, now they have something else to think about.

According to Fred Lokken – a taxpayer funded political science professor at taxpayer subsidized Truckee Meadows College who, to the best of my knowledge, has never been involved in real-life, street-level politics – Republicans in the Legislature who opt to stick with their principles (for those who have any) and vote against the tax-hiking budget deal are spoiled brats.

“It’s like they are the kid who loses one of his marbles so goes home sulking,” Lokken told Ed Vogel of the Las Vegas Review-Journal in a story published on Saturday. “There is this notion you have to get everything or you lose. The governor recognized you have to change to changing circumstances. But there is a culture of fear in the party. They are afraid Chuck Muth will defeat them at the polls.”

Actually, Fred gives me way too much credit. I can’t defeat wishy-washy Republicans at the polls. All I can do is point out a Republican legislator’s voting record and let the Republican voters make up their own minds.

“I may not be successful” in persuading a majority to kick a bad Republican out of office, I told Mr. Vogel in the same story, “but I can make their lives miserable.”

Some folks are calling that a threat. I call it exercising my right to participate in the democratic process by encouraging like-minded fellow citizens to toss out elected officials who don’t vote the way we want based upon our philosophical beliefs as to the proper role of government.


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