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Culinary Union Takes One in the Shorts

There were two seats open on the Las Vegas Stadium Authority board this week.  The Clark County Commission had three choices…

Reappoint Jan Jones, former Las Vegas Mayor and board member of Caesars Entertainment, one of the largest gaming companies on the planet…

Reappoint Tommy White, head of the Laborer’s Union, which was as responsible as anyone for bringing the stadium project to Las Vegas in the first place and is in the process of building it…

Appoint Geoconda Arguello-Kline, a former maid.

The Commission elected to stick with Jones and White.

Of course, Arguello-Kline’s Culinary Union threw a hissy fit and issued a statement berating commissioners for not supporting “diversity.”

They wanted the Commission to make an affirmative action pick of someone clearly nowhere near as qualified and accomplished as the other two far-superior candidates.

We should trust a $2 billion project to someone because of their…color?

Get bent, Culinary.


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