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Cresent Hardy Unplugged

Establishment Republican Assemblyman Cresent Hardy is running for the GOP nomination in Nevada’s 4th congressional district against tea party conservative Niger Innis. And some of the things Hardy said in a recent interview published by the Mesquite Citizen Journal are very interesting…

  • Hardy said he definitely thinks ObamaCare “needs to be repealed,” even though he voted to impose Nevada’s ObamaCare exchange on our state.
  • He said Nevada’s ObamaCare website is working better than the national ObamaCare website…which is like saying a broken down ox-drawn cart is working better than a broken down mule-drawn cart.
  • He acknowledged that once the feds stop paying for Nevada’s ObamaCare exchange n three years, he has no idea “where the money will come from to pay for the rising numbers of enrollees.” Lovely.
  • He’s in favor of extending unemployment insurance for some people but not others…but has no idea how to fund the benefits for the people who will keep getting it.
  • He boasted of his “ability to work with members of the opposite party during the 2013 Nevada Legislative session when he was the Assistant Minority Leader in the Assembly.” [Yes, he proved that by voting with the Democrats for higher taxes and bigger government over and over again. Indeed, his conservative Citizen Outreach rating for the 2013 session was an abysmal 40.38%.]
  • He said that the Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs are not “entitlements,” and that since they are “insurance plans” it’s OK that “people get much more than they ever put in.”
  • He said that he’s opposed to the national Common Core standards even though I’m told he voted for a Common Core bill in 2013. I’m trying to verify that right now.
  • He said we have to “get away from” capitalism” – even though capitalism has made the United States the richest, freest country on the face of the planet.
  • He reportedly said, “I’m a believer in the Agenda 21 program” – an extremely controversial United Nations effort to control development, among other things, that is virulently opposed by many conservatives.

Can’t wait for the Hardy-Innis debate! When and where will the first one be?


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