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Crappy Service, Inc.

I pretty much have as little tolerance for retail service stupidity as I have for the TSA. Thus it’ll be a cold day in Laughlin in August before you ever see me shopping in a Kohl’s department store (founded by the family of liberal Democrat Sen. Herb Kohl) again.

All I needed was a new watchband. Alas, the Kohl’s sales-gal at Charleston & Nellis told me she was not allowed to take my old, worn-out watchband off my watch and attach a new one since the watch wasn’t originally purchased at Kohl’s.

So what? I’m buying the new watchband at Kohl’s, right?

I even summoned a manager to make sure this asininity wasn’t merely lousy customer service on the part of a low-level hourly employee who didn’t know the cardinal rule about the customer always being right. But nope…despite the ongoing recession, even the manager asserted that it was “store policy” not to change the watchband for me since the watch itself hadn’t been purchased from Kohl’s.

So I left the store, got in my car, drove two blocks up the street and bought a new watchband from WalMart – where the sales clerk cheerfully took off my old watchband and attached the new one. No fuss. No muss. No hassle. No charge.

No more Kohl’s.


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