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Crackpot’s Rant has me re-thinking CD1 race (not)

Folks, I didn’t build up my readership list here at Silver State Confidential by sugarcoating it or blowing smoke up your skirts.  I am the Doctor of Harsh Reality.  I call ‘em as I sees ‘em and, on occasion, get one wrong.

But the race in Nevada’s 1st Congressional District this year isn’t one of them.  The numbers just don’t lie.

Republican challenger Annette Teijeiro is running against my old nemesis, Democrat Rep. Dina Titus.  Believe me, NO ONE would enjoy seeing Titus lose to Teijeiro more than I would in November.  But it just ain’t gonna happen.

Obama carried this district 66-32% in 2012.

Titus crushed Republican Chris Edwards in this district 64-31% two years ago.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, there are 122,996 registered Democrats in this district.

There are 55,302 registered Republicans.  That’s more than a 2-1 advantage.

Titus has the power of incumbency.  Titus has the voter registration.  Titus has the money.  Titus has the experience.  Titus has the endorsements.  Titus has the name ID.  Titus has the political operation.  Titus has the media.  Titus has the unions.

Titus has it in November.  Period.

Lower turnout by Democrats won’t change the outcome.  Teijeiro being Hispanic won’t change the outcome.  41,628 registered non-partisans, most of whom lean Democrat, won’t change the outcome.  That’s no reflection on Teijeiro; it’s just reality.

Now, if you nevertheless want to volunteer to work on Annette’s campaign or donate money to her, have at it.  Tactically speaking for conservatives; however, I think your time and money would be FAR better spent helping to re-elect Republican Rep. Joe Heck.

But that’s just me.

I raise this issue today because some crackpot named Randy Rose – who is in serious denial and stopped taking his medications over the weekend – decided to go toe-to-toe with me over it.  Here’s his first shot across the bow, sent via email yesterday morning…

“Stop bashing Republican candidates especially in CD1. You are the reason Republicans lose against your lover Dina Titus.”

Um, I didn’t “bash” Teijeiro.  Didn’t say a single negative thing about her.  Only ventured an observation about the reality of the CD1 race.  But according to Rose…

“That causes Republicans to not vote. That is your Fault and you should be ashamed. The only way you can prove you are a Conservative, is to tell people to vote for Dr. Annette Tiereijo.”

Well, um, if Republicans choose not to vote, that’s, um, their fault…not mine.  But OK:  Vote for Dr. Annette Teijeiro!

Happy, Randy?

Well, apparently not.  Because this kook then went on to post the following on CraigsList (why on CraigsList, I have no idea) under the headline “Chuck Muth Loves  Dina Titus”

“Chuck Muth is up to his old tricks again, He is bashing Republicans who run against his lover Dina Titus. Last time it was because Chris Edwards did not sign his tax pledge. Turns out that was not the reason. Chuck Muth drools all over Dina Titus so they must be lovers. Vote for Annette Teijeiro because she can beat Dina Titus but don’t tell Chuck because he always votes for Dina Titus. This proves that Chuck Muth is not a Conservative, but a RINO Progressive who always votes Democrat.”

Uh-oh.  Rose is onto me!  Yes, I am secretly a liberal mole embedded in the conservative movement for the sole purpose of undermining Republicans who can’t win or vote for higher taxes or…well, something.

You know, I think I’ve had a change of heart!

If a deep thinker such as Randy Rose believes Annette Teijeiro can beat Dina Titus in November…well, that’s good enough for me!

Please, everybody…vote for Teijeiro.

Volunteer to work on her campaign a minimum of 80 hours a week for the next two months.

And by all means, take out a second mortgage and sell all your worldly possessions and donate every last dime of it to Teijeiro’s campaign.

We’re gonna win!  We’re gonna win!  We’re gonna win!  We’re…


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