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Confronted on Wiregate, Edwards tucks tail and runs

Assemblyman Chris “Let’s Make a Deal” Edwards was scheduled to do an interview with KDWN 720 AM talk-show host Alan Stock Friday morning from 7:00 – 7:30 a.m.  And he began speaking fluent Politicianese with his first sentence.

He did, however, answer one direct question with a direct answer.  He said that, yes, someone did offer him money for his vote.  It’ll be interesting to see if (a) that’s true, and (b) who it was.

About halfway through the interview, the man Edwards claims tried to bribe and extort him, GOP activist Tony Dane, called into the show.  Rather than sandbag Edwards, though, Stock asked Edwards for permission to put Dane on the air with him.

And that’s when Edwards tucked tail and ran for the hills!

Edwards refused to allow Dane on the air, which was fine and understandable.  But then he told Stock he suddenly had a meeting to go to and had to cut the interview short.  What a weasel.

But here’s something new we learned today which lends credence to the notion that Edwards only ran to Metro on December 23rd because he became aware of the possibility that another GOP activist, Rob Lauer, was considering filing an ethics complaint against him for trying to sell his vote.

Indeed, in the search warrant affidavit used to search Lauer’s house, Metro declared it was specifically looking for…

“Affidavits, complaints, statements or other documents which allege the commission of an act which may be unlawful or unethical, whether actual or perceived, committed by Assemblyman Chris Edwards.”

You see, this indicates that Edwards did not run to Metro at the time he was allegedly bribed.  This indicates he only ran to Metro after he became aware that Lauer was considering blowing the whistle on Edwards for offering to sell his vote.

In a sorta unrelated note, at the end of the shortened interview, Stock tried twice to get Edwards to take a firm position on Gov. Brian Sandoval’s Billion Dollar Tax Hike.  And twice Edwards, like a typical, double-talking, fork-tongued politician, ducked the question without giving a direct answer.



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