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Cobbling Together a Common Sense Bill

I know it’s like shooting fish-sticks in the freezer, but let’s take a look at yet another example of major league Democrat hypocrisy in Carson City.

AB 157 was sponsored by conservative Republican Assemblyman Ty Cobb and co-sponsored by nine other Republicans. It’s a very simple one-sentence amendment to existing law governing welfare benefits. It reads: “A head of household shall accept work offered to him, unless he has good cause for refusing the work.”

Why is such a bill necessary? Because many able-bodied welfare recipients would prefer to collect welfare checks and live off taxpayers for up to TWO YEARS than get off their lazy butts and take a job which is offered to them, that’s why.

AB 157 simply says that in order for individuals to receive a temporary taxpayer “bailout” in the form of welfare checks, there will be some strings attached. And one of those strings is that you will take a job and get off the taxpayer dole if it’s offered to you unless you have a damn good reason for refusing it.

But Democrats in Carson City have called Cobb’s common-sense bill “mean-spirited.”

Interesting. Because as we’ve seen in recent weeks, Democrat President Barack Obama is telling the states, bankers, and car companies who are coming to the federal government for temporary bailout assistance that if they take taxpayer money there will be strings attached, rules to follow, and conditions to be met. In fact, he just fired the head of General Motors for not complying with his demands.

How, pray tell, is that any different from Assemblyman Cobb’s bill, hmmmm? Or does this mean Carson City Democrats think Barack Obama is being mean-spirited to Wall Street?


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