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Clark GOP Chief Joins Same-Day Registration Fray

Clark County Republican Party Chairman David Gibbs joined the public debate of the Nevada GOP’s plan to allow same-day registration at its presidential caucus in February. Here’s what he sent out to party activists on Monday:

Greetings CCRCC Members:

A lot of concern and misinformation about the Nevada Republican Party pushing through same-day registration for the Feb. 18th Presidential Caucus has made its way around by email over the last few days. Much of this information is inaccurate. The diatribe from TRUNC is full of inaccuracies and insults, and I have responded to the authors telling them so. I hope the next time they put out a press release they will take the time to write one that is logical, accurate, and, most of all, respectful to the people with whom they are disagreeing. We should be able to disagree without becoming insulting.

I mean, after all, we are not Democrats.

Here is the straight story. On July 20th, the State Executive Committee met for its monthly telecom. There was a discussion of providing same-day registration at the caucus and how successful the Democrats had been in registering new voters in 2008. There was nothing written in the rules either way about registration. The Committee discussed it and voted to
allow it as part of the caucus. After so many voiced their concerns, the Committee agreed to reconsider the motion and voted unanimously to withdraw the July 20th motion and put this item on the agenda at the Oct 22nd NRCC meeting, so that you could all hear the same information the committee received.

Until then, let me clear up some of the misinformation that has been sent out in emails:

1. This was done in secret and is being rammed down the State’s throat by outside operatives.
Not true. This was done in an open discussion at an open committee meeting. There were no “outside operatives” in attendance.

2. The state is taking over the caucus, disregarding the precinct meetings and also using it as a fundraiser for the NRP.
Not true. There is a draft of a proposed caucus plan. Each Board member was asked to submit comments. I submitted 28 general and specific comments about the draft plan, pointing out conflicts with the NRP bylaws and the rules agreed to by the NRCC. Others submitted their comments along the same line as well. To put you at ease, all three of the county chairmen who sit on the committee are on the same page when it comes to the caucus, so there will be major changes to that draft.

3. The rules have already been sent to the RNC and can’t be changed.
Therefore, same-day registration is a done deal.
Not true. The rules that were submitted to the RNC were the ones approved in Carson City in April. Voting to include same-day registration would actually have to be done after the deadline and taken into consideration separately by the RNC. It is not a done deal.

For some reason, there are folks who prefer to react to rumor and partial stories without taking the time to gather all the facts, then present a logic-based, factual, unemotional opinion that backs their position. There are others who see sinister motives and plots behind every effort. It’s easy to throw mud balls, but it doesn’t solve problems. It eventually causes more problems and diminishes trust in those who are working for the right cause for the right reasons. No one wins. Your Executive committee is engaged in making sure Nevada has a successful caucus.

From here forward, I ask that you stop the accusations, finger pointing, and rush to judgment, and take the time to get all the facts on the issue.

Please continue the great work you all are doing. The CCRP did a great job with the CD2 election.

The leadership is working on the political plan for 2012.

CCRP members have been to three very successful outreach events, registering new voters, recruiting candidates, and meeting contacts to work with. We have great candidates who are already being trained.

I am very actively involved in all that is going on at the state level, and I have Clark County’s interests Number One on my priority list. I thank all of you who provide inputs to me on this issue. Your voices were heard.

I encourage all who are NRCC members to attend the meeting on October 22nd at the Venetian. Those who are not members are welcome to attend as guests.

Let’s keep up the great work!



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