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Clark County GOP: The Circus that Never Ends

(Chuck Muth) – The rightful and lawful chairman of the Clark County Republican Party is Jesse Law.  The party’s Central Committee has said so.  The Nevada Republican Party has said so. And the courts have said so.

But Nevada State “Senateperson” Carrie Buck refuses, for some totally unimaginable reason, to accept reality and continues to falsely claim she’s the rightful ringleader of a rogue faction of this dysfunctional organization.

This week Buck got nailed with a new complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office related to her fundraising activities for the “Legion of Zoom,” as her fake county GOP operation has been nicknamed.  Seems she violated the fundraising “blackout” prohibition during the recent special session of the Legislature when new district lines were drawn.

The complaint alleges Buck solicited $40 tickets to participate in a video-conference hosted on November 13 in the middle of the special session, a clear violation state law.  But Buck, a legislator who should know better, claims otherwise.

“Let’s just be clear,” she told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  “This wasn’t a fundraiser event.  This was bacon and eggs, and this is just another frivolous attack.  This will be known as Bacon-and-Eggs-gate.”

Um, no.  If you’re a state legislator and you’re asking people to donate $40 to join an event for the organization you claim to be the head of during the blackout period, whether bacon-and-eggs are served or not, that’s called “fundraising.”  And it’s against the law.

It was dumb for Buck to even pursue the county GOP chairmanship as a sitting state senator in a swing district.

It was even dumber not to drop out before the election when it became clear the whole thing was a giant fuster-cluck.

Dumber still not to run from this mess like a scalded dog after the botched election back in June.

And absolutely insane to keep this charade up even after losing multiple times in court.

Political suicide has a new name: Hari-Carrie.  It’s really very sad.

Election ’22 Update

* After months of dawdling, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has selected his lieutenant governor running mate for 2022 to replace “Calamity” Kate Marshall, who abandoned ship and left Sisolak for the greener pastures of the DC swamp working for Resident Joe Biden’s administration.

Sisolak’s politically-correct affirmative action pick, announced this week, is Lisa Cano Burkhead, a tool of the teachers’ union who checks off the “Woman” and “Hispanic” identity politics boxes despite having no experience in elective office.

This should work out as well as O’Biden’s affirmative action pick of Kamala Harris.

* The decade-long see-saw in Nevada Assembly District 31 (Washoe) is coming to an end.

Democrat union boss Skip Daly held the seat in 2010 and 2012.  Conservative Republican Jill Dickman knocked him out in 2014.  Daly came back and won the seat vs. Dickman in 2016 and 2018.  But Dickman reclaimed the seat in 2020.

The district lines have now been redrawn more favorably for Republicans and Daly announced this week he’ll be seeking a state Senate seat rather than face off with Dickman again, who’s expected to go for another term in 2022.

* Republican Katrin Ivanoff will be running for Assembly District 42 (Clark).  The Democrat incumbent is Tracy Brown-May.

Quick Hits

* Happy Birthday to my wife, Gia!  After reading this morning that “Californians are ignoring Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide mask mandate,” I’ve changed my mind and decided to take her to San Diego tomorrow after all to celebrate at the Shout House dueling-piano bar in the Gaslamp District.

* BBB shouldn’t stand for “Build Back Better.”  It should stand for “Better Before Biden.”

* The Nevada Republican Party held a hugely successful Christmas party/dinner at the Ahern Freedom Hotel last night.  Well over 400 people attended.  Among the celebrity GOP candidates I bumped into: Sigal “The Jew Who Saved Christmas” Chattah (Attorney General), John Lee (Governor), Sam Brown (U.S. Senate), April Becker (Congress), Carolina Serrano (Congress), Sam Brown (Congress), Richard Scotti (Secretary of State) and Assemblywoman Annie Black (???).

* Also ran into Megan Barth, editor and publisher of the new Nevada Globe newsblog.  She’s doing a bang-up job.  Totally professional reporting, but from a conservative editorial perspective.  They don’t have an email newsletter yet (coming soon), but you should check out the website daily ( and follow them on Twitter (

* Nevada is again the second worst state in the country when it comes to unemployment, besting only the third-world basket case of California for the month of November.

* Vaccine (noun): “A substance used to provide immunity against one or several diseases.”  Since the COVID “vaccine” obviously isn’t providing immunity against COVID, isn’t it time to stop calling the COVID vaccine a “vaccine”?

* On Friday, Boeing backed down and dropped its vaccination requirement for employees.  The Resistance is growing.  Don’t comply; defy.

* Daunte Wright would be alive today if he hadn’t resisted arrest.  Justice demands that former Minneapolis police officer Kim Potter be found not guilty of manslaughter for mistakenly pulling her gun instead of her taser to subdue him.  Wright is dead because of the bad choices Wright made.  Period.

* Jon Gruden was right about Roger Goodell.

* Epstein didn’t kill himself.

* Let’s go, Brandon!

What District Are You Now In?

Thank you, Bill Laub, for picking up on something I missed yesterday related to figuring out which district you’re in for various elected offices.

While it’s true those in Clark County can go to to check their current registration status, the updated information for the new redistricting won’t be uploaded to the website until February 1, 2022.

This, of course, does NOT apply to dead voters.  They may continue to vote wherever they please and as often as they like.

The Smell of Fear

“THE BAD: Donations are trickling in… and if we don’t raise another $1,900 by midnight tonight — we’re on track to miss our goal.” – Team Sisolak, 12/18/21


“This joke of a Governor (Steve Sisolak) and his Jester attorney general (Aaron Ford) have done more to perpetuate crime in Nevada than any cartel.” – GOP attorney general candidate Sigal Chattah

“Only girls should play girls’ sports.” – Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

“An advocacy group has written a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg calling for greater equity in car crash dummy tests, claiming that the male body has been far too favored, leading to needless deaths of women.” – Breitbart News, 12/18/21

“I mean, obviously, if you are vaccinated, your family’s vaccinated, you have friends who are vaccinated, and hopefully also boosted, you can still enjoy a social gathering generally in a home. … If the counts keep going up and the test positivity keeps going up, we may need to be more restrictive.” – Tony the Tyrant Fauci

“COVID Karen sitting next to me at the airport moved seats once I started eating my oatmeal – mask completely off obviously. Then she started to discreetly film me probably because I wasn’t pulling my mask up between bites like she was. These people have lost it.” – Courtney Holland (on her way to AmericaFest in Phoenix)

“I’m amazed by how many people think the personal choice of getting a vaccine automatically presumes you should favor others being forced to do the same.  Stop being petty little tyrants and live your life.” – Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX)

“Republicans could be moving close to parity in the Hispanic vote – a true political earthquake if it ever happened.” – New York Times columnist Ross Douthat

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