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Clarifying the Clarification on the Revolution Resolution

Emperor von Sisolak

(Chuck Muth) – Last Thursday, Lyon County joined three other counties (White Pine, Elko & Eureka) in passing a “revolution resolution” cutting the legs out from under Nevada Emperor Steve von Sisolak’s COVID-related “emergency directives.”

But on Friday the county posted a “clarification” statement on Facebook that actually caused more confusion…

“The passage of this resolution does not authorize businesses or private citizens to cease following emergency directives in reference to COVID-19.”

Indeed, it appeared the commissioners was back-tracking on the resolution.  They’re not.  So allow me to try to clarify the clarification…

First, I was initially told that County Manager Jeff Page put that statement out on his own.  But I spoke with Lyon County Commission Chairwoman Vida Keller yesterday afternoon and it was actually her statement even though her name wasn’t included on it.

So that caused confusion as to the origin and authorship behind the statement.  To be clear, Mr. Page did not put out that statement on his own.

Secondly, the actual resolution encourages “restaurants, bars, casinos, brothels and other dining and entertainment industry businesses” to continue following reasonable recommendations related to COVID-19 health precautions.


The resolution also recognized the right of those businesses to “determine how and if to implement those directives relative to their business model” and encouraged the Sheriff and District Attorney to use their discretion “not to enforce or respond to complaints related to violations of the Governor’s ‘emergency directives.’”


Let’s say a restaurant decides to let customers walk in off the street and order a hamburger without having a reservation in violation of Sisolak Directive #12,397.

It will then be up to the Sheriff and DA – who are independently elected and not under the authority of the Commissioners – to decide whether or not to cite or prosecute the business.

Which neither has shown any inclination to do.  They *can* if they choose, but are unlikely to do so.

So while it’s true the resolution “does not *authorize* businesses or private citizens to cease following emergency directives,” it’s also true the county intends to take no action of its own to enforce those directives.


That doesn’t mean Gov. Sisolak, the State of Nevada, Attorney General A.Ron Ford or the swarm of OSHA inspectors won’t try to revoke the business’ license, cite it or issue a fine.

That risk continues to exist and there’s nothing the county can do to protect its businesses and citizens from the wrath of the Emperor if the empire decides to strike back.  But that doesn’t mean you’re helpless…

If an OSHA inspector or other official shows up at your business (or kid’s birthday party in your home) in an effort to enforce Sisolak’s emergency directives, you have rights.  And Reno attorney Joey Gilbert has detailed the five things you should do in case you become a target of such harassment.

Click here

One last point that’s near and dear to my heart since I was late brothel owner Assemblyman Dennis Hof’s campaign manager.

The clarification statement also specifically said the Revolution Resolution “does not authorize the opening of brothels” – which remain the ONLY legal businesses specifically shut down completely by the Emperor.

And that’s true to the same point that the resolution does not *authorize* any other business to defy any other of the governor’s emergency directives.

The county does not have the authority to open the brothels.  That’s a decision the brothels will have to make on their own, subject to the same risks that any other business takes on by choosing not to follow any other Directive issued by his Royal Highness.

And at this point, the Lyon County brothels have made no decision on whether to re-open or not.

Hope this clarification of the clarification helps clarify everything.  Two final notes…

1.)  The Nye County Commission will consider its own version of the Revolution Resolution at its meeting tomorrow afternoon.  Click here for details

2.)  Assemblywoman Annie Black has submitted a bill calling on the Legislature to terminate the governor’s Declaration of Emergency.  Click here for details

The bottom line…

The Lyon County Commission passed the resolution.  The Commission continues to stand by the resolution.  Mr. Page supports the resolution.  The Lyon County sheriff supports the resolution.  And the Lyon County district attorney supports the resolution.

So let’s not lose sight of who the bad guy really is in all this: Emperor Steve von Sisolak.


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