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Chuck’s Picks: “Non-Partisan” Races, Misc.

First, as every longtime reader knows, I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a “non-partisan” race or appointment.

People use these so-called “non-partisan” elected and appointed positions as stepping stones to higher offices, including judicial seats. Remember, Shelley Berkley got her start as a “non-partisan” member of the Board of Regents before becoming a tax-hiking Democrat congresswoman, and Brian Sandoval was an appointed “non-partisan” federal judge before becoming a Republican tax-hiking governor.

With that said, here are some additional Chuck’s Picks for some “non-partisan” and other down-ballot races:

State Senate District 13 (Washoe): Kathy Martin

State Assembly District 31 (Washoe): David Espinoza

University Regent, District 1: Cedric Crear
University Regent, District 4: Allison Stevens
University Regent, District 9: Ron Knecht
University Regent, District 12: Lonnie Hammargren

State Board of Education, District 1: Alexis Gonzales-Black
State Board of Education, District 3: Ed Klapproth

Clark County School Board, District A: Kevin Donovan
Clark County School Board, District B: Rose Moore
Clark County School Board, District E: Patrice Tew

Clark County Commission D: Wesley Cornwell

Washoe County Commission, District 1: Marsha Berkbigler

Lyon County Commission, District 1: Chuck Roberts*

District Judge, Department 9: Scott Freeman

Carson City Question 1 (Library tax hike): NO

Incline Village GID Trustee: George Del Carlo
Sun Valley GID Trustee: Vicky Maltman

* Mr. Roberts opponent is Bob “Puddin’head” Hastings who’s is not only a goofball, but got over half of his campaign money from one special interest source. Voters Beware!


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