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Chuck’s Picks for Congress…

Most of these are easy…

U.S. Senate: Dean Heller
CD-2: Mark Amodei
CD-3: Joe Heck
CD-4: Danny Tarkanian

And that brings us to CD-1, which features Republican Chris Edwards vs. Democrat Dina Titus. And here are the facts of the case, your honor:

a.) Edwards doesn’t have a chance. The registration numbers can’t be denied or overcome, especially by a guy who brought a butter knife to an AK-47 gun-fight.

b.) Edwards isn’t ready for prime-time. He’s never held any public office at any level. He should have started with the state Assembly.

c.) And as I’ve always said, someone who can’t get the tax-hike issue right is likely to get a lot of other issues wrong, as well. As such, it should have come as no surprise that Edwards complained about the DREAM Act in a forum last week because it didn’t allow illegal immigrants who were high school dropouts to be granted amnesty!

Me and “Gumby Chris Edwards” at the base of “Mount Reagan”

All of that said, I sure as heck am not going to vote for Mrs. Titus (who crushed me in our state senate race back in 1996, long before Mr. Edwards even moved to our state). So what to do?

Well, since the GOP candidate doesn’t have a chance in Hades of being elected anyway, this is an ideal opportunity to cast a vote of conscience and tell the GOP to stop nominating such Gumby Republicans!

Unlike in the presidential race, this is the PERFECT race and PERFECT place to make statement. As such, my pick for the 1st Congressional District is tea party activist, Tax Pledge signer and Libertarian Party candidate Bill Pojunis.


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