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Chuck’s Picks: Clark County Commission

Clark County Commission, District A: I like Barry Herr, the Republican challenger. And I believe him to be a good conservative. But I also believe he’s snake bit when it comes to picking seats to run for.

Herr ran for State Controller in 2010 against perhaps the most competent Democrat on the ballot that year. This year he’s challenging incumbent Democrat County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.

As a member of the University Board of Regents, Sisolak demonstrated a decidedly independent streak and placed a pretty high value on accountability. He was nobody’s rubber stamp; a trait he’s carried over to the county commission.

In fact, he’s done something that our own Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval is scared to death to do: Take on the public employee unions over their collectively bargained wage and benefit packages that are bankrupting government. And Sisolak didn’t just take on any ol’ government workers’ union; he took on the FIREFIGHTERS’ union.

That takes serious cojones.

Such independence and boldness ought to be encouraged and rewarded in our public servants and elected officials. On the other hand, if the unions succeed in making Sisolak pay a price at the ballot box for his willingness to fight them head on, it will paralyze every other wimpy elected official who even thinks of looking at the government employee labor bosses cross-eyed.

Sorry, Barry. I like your thinking and philosophy…but once again wrong race, wrong place. I gotta go with Commissioner Sisolak for re-election on this one.

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