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Chris Edwards Shoots Self in El Foot-o

Yeah, he went there. Unbelievable.

Nevada CD1 candidate Chris Edwards – who I believe might be the only non-incumbent Republican running for Congress anywhere in the country this election cyclet to not sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge – really, really, REALLY stuck his foot in his mouth over the weekend with the following tweet about his Democrat opponent, former Rep. Dina Titus:

“Dina’s best help to Hispanics was courtroom translators to tell them they are going to jail.”

After the inevitable blow-back from Hispanics who aren’t criminals and, of course, his political opponents, Edwards tried to delete the foolish tweet. Alas, what happens on the ‘net, stays on the ‘net – and a Democrat operative, Justin McAffee, captured a copy of it.

Click here to see for yourself.

Which again makes the point that any candidate so unprepared and uninformed about the tax issue that he refuses to take tax hikes off the table is bound to screw up somewhere else and get other issues wrong, as well. And here ya go. Stupidly feeding into the Democrats’ storyline that Republicans are hostile to Hispanics.

What a boneheaded tweet. But not really a surprise. This guy should be allowed to perform without a net…or adult supervision.


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