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Chattah/Tarkanian Blood Feud Boils Over

(Chuck Muth) – Well, let’s get the disclaimers out of the way first…

Yes, I worked for Republican attorney general candidate Sigal Chattah in her primary campaign last year against Tisha Black, but opted not to continue working for her in the general election.

Yes, I was critical of Amy Tarkanian’s endorsement of Sigal’s Democrat opponent in that race, incumbent Attorney General Aaron Ford, noting she could have endorsed a third-party candidate or urged folks to simply vote for “None of the Above” instead.

And no, I’m not a lockstep defender of the Tarkanians – though I don’t harbor the hate others have for them these days.

In fact, anyone who’s been actively involved in Nevada GOP politics for more than a couple years will remember my “Tark Tales” opposition website against Amy’s husband, Danny, during his U.S. Senate run in 2010.  Heck, Danny still gets mad at me about things I write on occasion.

And with that out of the way…

Sigal, the new Nevada Republican National Committeewoman, accused former Nevada GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian of “infidelity” on Friday after Amy tweeted, “I am bisexual.”

“Well I guess that answers all those pesky little questions about infidelity in their (house),” Sigal tweeted.

She also added emojis to mimic a similar attack on Amy by former Republican National Committeewoman Michele Fiore: “Two shots, panties drop.”

Not a lot of class there, but regardless – just because someone says they’re bisexual doesn’t mean they’re cheating on their spouse any more than if someone tweeted, “I am heterosexual.”  One does not necessarily mean the other.

But when challenged, Sigal doubled-down, writing that Amy “repeatedly committed adultery – which is common knowledge in GOP circles.”

She added that it was “easy to conclude that after years in a heterosexual marriage, a ‘sudden’ shift in sexual orientation is the result of an experience not hypothetical stimulus.”

Except…Amy never said it was a “sudden” shift.  For all we know, she was talking about something from way back in her college days.

Nevertheless, when I replied that such unsubstantiated attacks – despite the claim that they are “common knowledge in GOP circles” – were not “appropriate for the Republican National Committeewoman for Nevada,” Sigal responded…

“I actually think you should mind your own business. Your fierce advocacy for the adulteress is noted.”

To which one person on Twitter replied…

“You should take your own advice. Mind your own business. What happens in someone else’s marriage is none of your concern.”

Another added…

“I think the logic behind suggesting she’s adulterous is definitely flawed.  Just because she decided to come out of the closet doesn’t mean she cheated on her husband prior. … I think gossiping and ruining someone’s good name on the basis of sexuality is just rude.”

Ironically, accusing Amy of adultery without proof stands in stark contrast to Sigal’s “fierce advocacy” of Elizabeth Halseth-Helgelien – who announced her candidacy for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district earlier this week – an actual and admitted adulteress

“What a great candidate! I love the honesty and raw humanity of hard working Nevadans who strive to make a difference! Good luck Elizabeth Helgelien in CD3!”

In a separate response to Sigal’s personal attacks on Amy, one longtime former GOP official – who was a huge supporter of Sigal’s in the AG race – wrote to me yesterday…

“Chuck, these disparaging personal attacks against a person just because they don’t agree with her politics, is the reason the Republican Party will continue to decrease in numbers, and the reason why I am going back to non-partisan – like the rest of my family already did.”

These are totally inappropriate and undignified tweets by Sigal.  I get that she’s bitter over her loss to A.Ron in November, but now that she’s one of the top three GOP officials in the state, more discretion is called for.

Sigal was a true GOP warrior in fighting against former Gov. Steve Sisolak during the COVID shutdowns.  She deserves credit and appreciation for those efforts.  But this bitter, personal, blood feud vendetta against the Tarkanians is undoing all that good will.

And she’s not hurting Amy with these personal attacks; she’s hurting the entire party.  Chairman McDonald needs to reel her in.  Will he?  Or does he endorse this behavior?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


“I am today announcing Assembly Joint Resolution 4, which proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution Article 15, Section 1, to relocate the seat of government – and the biennial sessions of the Legislature – to the city of San Diego. Open for co-sponsors!” – Las Vegas Review-Journal editor Steve Sebelius (with tongue planted firmly in cheek)

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