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Chaos Caucus Update

Hey, remember that speaking engagement at the Republican Sun City Anthem Club I told you about yesterday; where Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick was scheduled to appear this coming Saturday morning and likely face some hostile questions about how he sold out conservatives by sacking conservative Assembly Majority Leader-in-Exile Michele Fiore as chairman of the Taxation Committee?

Yeah, he cancelled.


Oh yeah, and remember how Hambrick scheduled a Republican Assembly Caucus (RAC) meeting for yesterday in Carson City and then cancelled it out of fear that the caucus would overrule his unilateral decision to sack Fiore.  And how 13 of the caucus’ 25 members called for the meeting anyway?

Yeah, it was cancelled.

From what I’ve heard, one of the 13 sold out to Hambrick, thus denying the meeting a quorum to officially conduct business.

The one who got cold feet and sold out?  You’re not gonna believe it…

Assemblyman Ira Hansen.

Yes, THAT Ira Hansen.  The guy who Nevada conservatives rallied behind when the heat got turned up and the going got tough only to have him quit on us anyway.

At least Judas only betrayed Jesus once.

You know that worst part of this?  Fiore acknowledges that she no longer has the votes to remain as Majority Leader.

All she was asking for was that the caucus follow proper procedure and precedent by VOTING to remove her in the same manner it followed to elect her.

Was that too much to ask?

Ask Ira.


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