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Chairman SpongeBob’s Latest Power Play

Got the following notice this morning from Clark County GOP boss SpongeBob Ruckman:

“Notice of continuation of CCRCC Meeting on June 8th, 2010. At the last meeting of the Clark County Central Committee, we passed a standing rule that all members of the State (NRP) Central Committee must also be a member of the Clark County Central Committee. We will elect the members of the NRCC at the continuation of our meeting on June 8th.”

This is a major “up yours” by SpongeBob & Company to the state party. What SpongeBob is doing here is trying to dictate the membership rules of the parent organization in order to make it easier to take control of the state party so he can screw it up as badly as he has the county party.

The state party does NOT require that its members belong to the dysfunctional Clark County party, and this effort to impose such a loyalty litmus test to Chairman SpongeBob is not likely to be taken sitting down.

With just five months to go before the general election in which Republicans are poised to pick up seats up and down the ballot, and these goofs want to fight over CENTRAL COMMITTEE membership? What a circus – with a clown as ringmaster.


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