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Cegavske Spinning Her Tax-Hike History

Republican 4th district congressional candidate Barbara Cegavske wants Republicans in her GOP primary against Danny Tarkanian to think she’s THE conservative candidate in the race. In fact, she sent out a fundraising email on Tuesday in which she declared, “I am the only candidate running for Congress in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District who is a proven conservative.”

“Conservatives want to send proven conservatives to Congress,” the senator continues, “and my record speaks for itself. As a State Senator, I voted against the largest tax increase in Nevada history in 2003…”

Ah, but there’s more to that story.

Yes, it’s true that Sen. Cegavske voted against 2003 tax hike. But what Sen. Cegavske neglected to tell readers is that she co-sponsored a bill that year that would have raised taxes EVEN HIGHER than the tax hike she voted against!

In fact, although Sen. Cegavske now writes that she voted against the 2003 final tax package “because tax increases on individuals and businesses are job-killers,” the billion dollar-plus tax hike she co-sponsored would have raised taxes on movies, shows, sporting events, cigarettes, beer, “certain services,” business licensing, hotel rooms, gaming licensing, etc.

You know, “job killers.”

Making matters worse, she co-sponsored that bill even though she signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising her constituents and the people of Nevada that she would oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.

Yes, unfortunately Sen. Cegavske is the Republican legislator I was referring to last Friday in this blog post who broke her Tax Pledge and now refuses to sign it while running for Congress as the “proven conservative.”

Look, Sen. Cegavske is a wonderful lady, mom and wife who has cast far more conservative votes as a state legislator than many of her colleagues; however, she shouldn’t be claiming to be the only “proven conservative” and using her 2003 tax vote as proof while hiding the other part of the story.


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