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Case Study: A Tale of Two Election Fraudsters

(Chuck Muth) – Back in 2002, Gary Horrocks, then-owner of a “biker bar” in North Las Vegas, committed massive voting fraud using mail-in absentee ballots.  He was indicted on 62 counts and eventually pled guilty to a single felony charge.

Former RJ columnist John L. Smith detailed how “Horrocks used his real estate contacts to develop a list of mailing addresses of abandoned houses for (his friends and bar patrons) to use as mailing addresses.”

And, according to a witness in the case, Horrocks then had absentee ballots mailed to those addresses which he filled out – over 100 by his own account.

That was long before automatic mail-in balloting was approved by the Nevada Legislature, which has boosted the potential for Horrocks-like fraud through the roof.

On a smaller scale, the Nevada Republican Party – following the 2020 general election – trotted out for the news cameras a man who emotionally claimed someone had voted his wife’s mail-in ballot even though she had died three years earlier.

A subsequent investigation into the allegation revealed that he, himself, had driven to his former home, obtained his wife’s ballot, and illegally voted it for her.

Truth be told, odds are his voting fraud never would have been caught had he not gone to the press.

This is the danger of automatically mailing ballots to people who no longer live where they’re registered.  The temptation to cast an illegal mail-in ballot is just too high for too many to resist.

So the key to protecting the security of Nevada’s elections is to have the cleanest voter lists possible in each and every county.

That means identifying ineligible voters currently showing as “Active” on the voter registration lists and having them moved to the “Inactive” list BEFORE the next election, not after, so they are not automatically mailed a ballot that can potentially be cast fraudulently.

That’s the goal of our new Pigpen Project.  More coming…

Uh-oh, I’m in Hot Water Again

I guess it’s true.  No good deed goes unpunished.

In the last Muth’s Truths, I promoted a training workshop being conducted by Scott Pressler of Early Vote Action scheduled for Monday night at the Ahern Hotel.  In it, I linked to the RSVP page on Scott’s website.

After it went out, I received the following angry text from new Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Sigal Chattah (disclaimer: a former client)…

“Chuck- the event that I AM Doing is an event for youth and college and young republicans. This is MY event and you are NOT to be coordinating the RSVPs. Now please remove your contact from my RSVP list. Thanks.”

What the…?

She went on to complain that the room only has limited space for 50 people and she was paying for pizza – none of which was mentioned on the RSVP form.

In addition, the RSVP form is found on Scott’s public website and it makes no mention whatsoever that Sigal is involved, that seating is limited, or that it’s restricted only to young Republicans that Sigal personally invited.

In fact, Scott’s website says the event is for all “Clark County Republicans,” not “youth and college and young republicans.”

Now, I don’t understand what Sigal means by “remove your contact from my RSVP list.”  I did RSVP and had planned on attending.  So I guess I’m supposed to cancel my registration – even though I have no idea how to do that.

But it’s possible she might not let in ANYONE she personally didn’t invite.  So it might be a good idea to just stay home and wash your socks Monday night rather than take the chance of driving all way over to the Ahern only to turned away.

Please accept my apologies for trying to help promote this event.

Of course, none of this makes any sense.  If the event was Sigal’s – not Scott’s – and it was private – not open to all “Clark County Republicans” – why didn’t they say that on the RSVP form?

But more importantly, why wouldn’t the new Republican National Committeewoman welcome ANY Clark County Republican who was interested in learning how to, you know, WIN ELECTIONS?

And so what if more than 50 people wanted to attend?  Why not just get, you know, a bigger room?  Shouldn’t she want to train as many Clark County Republicans as possible – of all ages – on how “to beat the Democrats at their own games”?

Republicans never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity.

Check, please.


“To wish for more government is to say you wish to rely more on the postal service, the DMV, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs and Obamacare — all of which are bankrupt, non-functioning, too expensive, poorly run with pathetic customer service or all of the above.” – Kent Davidson, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/9/23

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