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Can’t We (Conservatives) All Get Along?

I don’t like it when bad things are done to good conservatives…especially when done by other good conservatives.

On Wednesday, a true education reform champion was attacked by a conservative education blogger in a post that, unbelievably, failed to disclose that the source of much of the negative criticism was the daughter of the author!

That’s bad enough. But much of the criticism was nothing more than unsubstantiated he-said/she-said innuendo in which the target was never given an opportunity to respond to or refute the attacks.

I’m hoping – PRAYING – that the very reputable conservative organization that published this highly inflammatory hit piece will do the right thing and simply take it down over the weekend so we can all go back to frying bigger liberal government fish on Monday.

Otherwise, the defense will have no choice but to present its case next week in the court of public opinion. And rest assured, the defense is loaded for bear.

Oh, and yours truly will be serving as the defense attorney.


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