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Campaign Doctor: August 20, 2010

For years I’ve been training GOP candidates to NOT let the Democrats get away with claiming THEY have the support of teachers, firefighters and cops when in reality all they have is the support of the teachers, firefighters and cops UNIONS.

To counter the Democrats’ misleading claims to own these important demographic groups, I have urged GOP candidates to identify individual teachers, firefighters and cops and form informal but legitimate groups dedicated to supporting the GOP candidate. “Teachers for Joe Republican.” “Firefighters for Shirley Republican.” “Police Officers for Rob Republican.” Etc.

Most don’t.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that in addition to asking for money in a direct mail fundraising appeal I received from Nevada Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval today, the return card also asks recipients to “Check here to be included in one or more of these Sandoval for Governor coalitions.”

The options include: Firefighters, Veterans, Kids, Sportsmen, Labor, Seniors, Farmers, Small Business and Women.

I’m surprised that the list doesn’t give options for Teachers or Law Enforcement, but still, this is the first pro-active effort in this regard I’ve seen this campaign cycle and will give the Sandoval campaign the ability to counter Democrat claims to owning such interest groups in mail, radio, newspaper and TV ads later this fall. Well done.

As for the rest of you candidates out there….what are you waiting for? Start putting your coalitions together NOW.

– Prof. Chuck Muth, Doctor of Psephology (home educated)


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