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Calling Sandoval’s bluff on spending cuts

Nevada Gov. Brian “America’s Worst Governor” Sandoval (R&R-Advertising) has challenged conservatives to come up with alternatives to his $1.3 billion tax hike.

OK, here’s an idea: Follow the example of Republicans in Tennessee this week and repeal the expansion of Medicaid.  Savings: Giga-millions.

Here’s another idea: Set priorities.

If the governor is so high on, say, spending millions to combat bullying as part of his big education improvement plan (don’t ask; it doesn’t make sense to anyone else either), take the money from other less important or non-essential programs.

Start here: Kill the Agency for Nuclear Projects (ANP).  Estimated savings: $5 million.

This office is dedicated to killing the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository which Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has already declared dead, dead, DEAD!

But even if it isn’t, Nevada already has six representatives in Congress to handle the issue of Yucca Mountain.  And if any lawsuits are deemed necessary, Nevada already has an Attorney General to handle them.  So the ANP is duplicative, wasteful and completely unnecessary.  Kill it.  And shift that money over to the anti-bullying program.

Do this line-by-line throughout the governor’s budget and not only could you fund the governor’s education initiatives without needing a tax hike, you’ll probably need a tax CUT!


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