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Calling out Hambrick

A robo-call campaign by Citizen Outreach advising voters in Assemblyman John Hambrick’s district that he’s breaking his promise to oppose any and all tax hikes was launched today. Listen to it here…

Here’s the full text of the message…

“This is an important taxpayer alert from Citizen Outreach.

“Nevada Assembly leader John Hambrick recently stated in two separate media interviews that he intends to break his signed Taxpayer Protection Pledge and support what many believe is a coming billion dollar tax hike in the upcoming Legislature.

“Nevada voters just defeated two huge tax hikes on the ballot in November.  The people of Nevada have spoken loudly and clearly. We do not want higher taxes. The government should live within its means, just as you do. Press 1 right now to be immediately connected to Assemblyman Hambrick and tell him to read your lips, no new taxes.”

In case you don’t live in Mr. Hambrick’s district, or don’t receive the robo-call, you can still join this effort and contact him directly by calling either of these numbers: (702) 499-6169 or (702) 242-8580.


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