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Calling Hickey’s Blustering Bluff

Assemblyman Pat “The Appeaser” Hickey (Reno-RINO) has got to be one of the most pompous, self-serving hypocrites to ever serve in the Nevada Legislature – and that’s saying something!

After being summarily tossed overboard by the principled, conservative members of the Republican Assembly Caucus just days after November’s historic elections, Hickey inked a sour-grapes blog post yesterday in which he whines about the evils of “partisan caucuses.”

You know, like the one he used to (mis)lead!

“The Founding Fathers didn’t have partisan caucuses when they gathered in Philadelphia in 1776,” Hickey dribbled.

“Neither did Nevada’s first lawmakers when they met in Carson City 150 years ago and started the Silver State.  In fact, the founders didn’t even want political parties, and purposely excluded them from the U.S. Constitution.”

Of course, Hickey is rewriting history to serve his own self-serving purposes, but…whatever.

The Man of a Thousand Two-Faces then babbled on, referring to the Republican Assembly Caucus he no longer (mis)leads as the “Clown Caucus” and “a second-rate Vegas lounge act,” concluding with…

“We would do well to put Nevada’s interests first. First-before either political party or any of the special interest-driven factions…that so easily divide us.  After all, legislators are elected to be state lawmakers–not partisan politicians.”

Sorry, Pat, but I’m gonna have to call bull$#!+ on you on this one.

You ran as a Republican.  You were elected as a Republican.  If you’re so opposed to “political parties” and “partisan caucuses,” then I dare you  – no, I double-dog-dare you! – to come down off your hypocritical high horse and run as an independent in your next election, rather than as a Republican.

Let’s see how far that gets you.

And let’s see if you have the stones to put your “no labels” where your mouth is.

If you so detest “partisan caucuses, meeting secretly behind closed doors,” why don’t you quit the Republican Assembly Caucus and not show up or otherwise participate in the closed-door caucus scheduled for next Monday, hmm?

Fat chance.

This guy always has been and always will be all hat and no cattle.


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