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Calamity Kate Rides Again

Democrat State Treasurer “Calamity” Kate Marshall appeared yesterday on Sam Shad’s “Nevada Newsmakers” program and my jaw spent most of the time on the floor.

I mean, this woman – who wants to be the next congressional representative for Nevada’s second district – is a complete cipher. She’d be out of her depth in a parking lot puddle. The wheel is turning, but the hamster’s dead. Seriously, Marshall has nothing to offer but memorized political talking points and thinks she can hide her ignorance behind that big, goofy/toothy smile of hers.

Although the Nevada GOP missed a golden opportunity to slam the D’s standard-bearer in the CD 2 race, the UNLV College Republicans once again filled the void. In a press release issued this morning by President Mark Ciavola, the CRs slammed Calamity Kate for, among other things, “dodging substantive policy questions.”

“Kate Marshall has proven she just doesn’t get it,” said Ciavola. “Racking up more than $1.1 trillion in debt to China alone is ‘reckless’ and ‘dangerous,’ and there is nothing ‘fiscally prudent’ about her Party’s record of deficit spending over the past five years.”

The CRs continued:

“Kate Marshall is ignoring the fact that Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in 2006, when the national debt was $8.5 trillion, and the budget deficit was $163 billion. After five years of Democrat control, the national debt has almost doubled to $14.5 trillion, and President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget contained a $1.65 trillion deficit – 10 times higher than the 2006 shortfall. Perhaps even worse, the national unemployment rate has risen from 4.3% on Election Day in 2006, to stand at 9.1% today, while Nevada’s unemployment rate remains worst in the nation at 12.1%.”

Ciavola concluded:

“It is time to put our nation, and our state, back on a path to fiscal independence and prosperity, not to elect another Democratic representative who will support the Obama administration’s failed economic policies.”

Bam! Nicely done, CRs.


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