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BREAKING: Gov. Lombardo Rescues Opportunity Scholarships!

(Chuck Muth) – Christmas came early this afternoon for some 600 low-income, minority kids who were about to be forced back into failing public schools.

Nevada Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo announced this afternoon that he’s found a way to restore funding for school-choice Opportunity Scholarships that “George Wallace” Democrats cut during the recently concluded session of the Nevada Legislature.

From the press release…

CARSON CITY, NV – Today, Governor Joe Lombardo proposed utilizing unallocated federal COVID relief funds to prevent hundreds of Nevada school children from being kicked off their Opportunity Scholarships.

“I have been fighting for these children since I took office,” said Governor Joe Lombardo. “The Democrats in the Legislature refused to fund these scholarships, and the result is that unless we take action now, these children will be forced out of their schools for the upcoming school year. It’s unacceptable to me to let that happen.”

The Governor’s Finance Office today submitted a 15-day, expeditious work program to the Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee to approve or reject, which would allow children on Opportunity Scholarships to remain in their schools by utilizing unallocated COVID relief funds to provide scholarship funding that Legislative Democrats refused to provide during the session.

“Utilizing these funds in this way is fully compliant with the final federal rules and is consistent with how these funds were allocated under the prior administration,” said Amy Stephenson, the Director of the Governor’s Finance Office.

Under the State Budget Act, when the Governor requests the submission of the 15-day, expedited work program, the Interim Finance Committee has 15 days to take action or it is deemed approved.

Ah, the difference a Republican governor makes!  Thank goodness Nevada voters elected a man who “gets sh*t done” last November

Of course, the kids aren’t out of the woods yet.  The Interim Finance Committee is controlled by the Democrats – including Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannibizzaro and Assembly Speaker Steve “Donut Boy” Yeager.

Those two racist “George Wallace” D’s could still try to block this funding fix proposed by Gov. Lombardo – and well might because they clearly love the teachers union’s money more than our kids’ futures.

But if they do. there’s gonna be hell to pay…especially at the ballot box next year.  Politically-speaking, I almost hope they do.  But our kids are more important than political advantage.

Of course, the two saddest people in Nevada tonight are Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks and Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Sigal Chattah.

The pair of them have personal grudges against Lombardo and have been yap-yap-yap nipping at his heels and claiming he wasn’t willing to fight for them over the past several weeks.

I hear the two have a date tonight.  They’ll be feasting on a healthy portion of crow.  Hope it doesn’t come with ketchup and they have to wash it down with a glass of liberal tears.


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“It’s time to fight for our kids and their education. No Nevada student deserves to lose their Opportunity Scholarship.” – Nevada Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo

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