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I’m not called Nevada’s #1 irritator of liberals for nothing!

First, as we all know, Jon  Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger is a…liberal.

And in yesterday’s Silver State Confidential I laid a little smackdown on the prima dona after he hand-carried Democrat attorney general candidate Ross Miller’s water this week in the form of a leaked document showing brutally critical raw notes from a two-year-old performance evaluation of Adam Laxalt, Miller’s Republican opponent.

Now, here’s the thing…

When Ralston broke his story on Twitter – ‘cause no newspaper in Nevada carries his columns any longer – I learned of it from someone else who forwarded it to me because I stopped “following” Ralston on Twitter about two months ago.  I mean, let’s face it, the guy is entirely predictable, a tool of the left and the GOP establishment (but I repeat myself) and, frankly, boring.

But he does like to use fancy multi-syllable words to try and impress people with his intellect.  And it’s worked on some liberal inside-the-beltway media types in Washington, DC who think Jon is a god.

Alas, many of his media colleagues here in Nevada who actually know him think he’s a jerk.  But for professional reasons, they aren’t able to say so publicly.

But back to the story…

Yesterday afternoon, after giving Ralston that e-wedgie in Silver State Confidential, I checked in on his Twitter feed to see if the twit had read it.  And sure enough, it appeared so.  Here’s the tweet the twit published…

“Have not employed the wonderful BLOCK option enough, have let my OCD get best of me and engaged. Time for new motto: Ignore the Trolls.”

Could I have irritated the liberal laughingstock so much that he “blocked” little ol’ me from “following” him even though I stopped “following” him two months ago?

Yes, indeed!

When I tried to again “Follow” Jon just to see if it was me he wrote about, sure enough this message popped up…

“You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.”

I am SO honored!

I’ve now been “blocked” by two liberals: Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger and the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, Mark Hutchison, whose water Ralston carried the GOP primary race against Sue Lowden.

Speaking of which…

Has anyone seen the strong statement of continued support that Hutchison has issued for his embattled fellow Republican candidate?  ‘Cause if such a statement has been issued, I didn’t get it.

And while we’re at it, where’s the “We’re 100% behind Adam Laxalt” press release from Republican Senate Majority Leader “Moderate Mike” Roberson and Republican Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey.  Their silence is deafening.

But nowhere near as deafening as the silence coming out of the governor’s office!

Indeed, Gov. Brian Sandoval is the party’s supposed titular head and is, indeed, running in November on the top of the GOP’s ticket.  The Laxalt brouhaha broke last Wednesday night.  It’s now Sunday morning.  And all we’ve heard from the guv about his fellow Republican and attorney general running mate is crickets.

And it’s not like he’s completely disengaged in Nevada for some reason.  Indeed, after the Las Vegas team lost in yesterday’s final game of the Little League World Series (more on that below), the governor tweeted, “We love you Mountain Ridge!”

So, um, where’s the “We love you Adam Laxalt!” tweet, Governor?

Something tells me Lt. Laxalt felt far more secure in a foxhole in Iraq than he does right now with Sandoval, Hutchison, Roberson and Hickey watching his back on Nevada’s political battlefield!

Speaking of which…


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