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Birthright Citizenship Rears Head…Again

The “birthright citizenship” issue is heating up, with movement in both Congress and Arizona to address it this week. Channel 8 News caught up with Gringo Chuck last night for my wimpy “both sides” of the issue opinion. Catch it here

I will say this, though. The issue of birthright citizenship – whereas any baby born on U.S. soil is automatically considered a citizen even if both of the baby’s parents are not – is a significant problem, especially when you consider that more than one in four babies born in Nevada in 2008 were to non-citizen mothers.

And the prime purpose of the post-Civil War 14th amendment was to grant citizenship to American slaves brought to this country against their will, not to pregnant Canadians who scoot across the border, drop their baby on U.S. soil, and then use that baby’s citizenship status for the next 30 years to bring all of his or her “eh”-speaking relatives into the country legally where they’ll tip poorly in restaurants and try to turn hockey into our national sport.

How was that for gratuitous stereotyping?


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